spring session

Bubbles and Tutus {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

The last few weeks, we all have been fighting with some health issues. If it weren’t my kids, it was me, and all over again. Being stuck in the house so much, I had a chance to focus on a very cute project I’ve been working on for a quite a bit. My sewing skills are nowhere where I would want them to be, but it looks like they’re enough to design and put together those cute tutus. It all came together perfectly, as my models are the size of my girls, so I had alive mannequins to try the tutus on as I was making them.


 Yesterday was such a gorgeous day and we decided to see if the tutus are completely ready, and if they will endure being used for an hour or so. I think they passed the test. My kiddos loved it, now keep your fingers crossed the actual models will do, too!