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Get outstanding Fall family pictures this year || Family Photographer, Morgan Hill, CA

It’s that time of the year, can you feel it!? I can! It’s time to get your Fall family pictures done!!! Oh, yes!!! I’m so excited for this Fall.

The season is in full blast, and I’m almost completely booked in October. That makes my heart sing because it means that so many families trusted me with their family portraits again! I just want to put exclamation marks at the end of almost every single sentence in this post because I’m just that excited!!! And honestly, I don’t get excited that easily.

Fall MINI SESSIONS November 9th Limited spots!!! $399 All images (1)

The location for this mini session is absolutely gorgeous. There is variety of beautiful backgrounds. All my clients who have had sessions with me there were always very happy with the images we created there.

If you’re interested in Fall mini sessions with me please follow this link and choose November 9th as your session date. After you pick your date and your time slot I’ll contact you personally to go over the details of your session.

You’re going to receive recommendations on how to prepare for your session, what to wear and simply what to expect when working with me.


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Dad for two {Maternity Photographer, Palo Alto, CA}

For some reason, I think I have been one lucky photographer. While I constantly learn new things about how to pose my clients, how to engage kids more, how to make dads more involved in the session, more often than not I do not have to use this knowledge with my clients. Why? Because my clients are awesome! As soon as I take my camera out they do what they are best at – they are themselves.

This maternity session was amazing. While I was preparing my gear and thinking what I want to begin with, I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on behind me. Then I turned to get the session started and what I saw was a family already striking an awesomely funny pose. They were more ready then I was because they took me by surprise. lol




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Happy Halloween {Family Photographer, Los Gatos, CA}

Sometimes the best things come from unplanned and unexpected. That’s exactly how it happened yesterday. We went for a short hike mixed with location scouting. We also discovered that we have Halloween costumes in the trunk of the car. While one sister refused to dress up, the other one took advantage of having two costumes available to her… We had so much fun!

halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-1 halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-2 halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-4 halloween_session_Mountain_View_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_Mountain_View_Los_Gatos_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_with_kids_Los_Gatos_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-1 halloween_session_with_kids_Los_Gatos_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-2 halloween_session_with_kids_Los_Gatos_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_with_kids_Mountain_View_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-1 halloween_session_with_kids_Mountain_View_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-2


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The Shy and The Playful {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

Many sessions, especially with small kids start like this one. Mom’s legs, dad’s arms, and no desire of smiling to the lady doing peek-a-boo from behind the camera. Often it doesn’t matter that we have already met a year ago and had super fun session. Young kids don’t remember, so each time we meet I need to build the trust with them all over again. And it’s actually exciting and fun, because you never know where it will take you at the end, how it is all going to turn.

It’s always important not to focus on the people/kids who are super easy to work with, in this case the Big Brother, who as soon as we started was very playful and goofy – photographers dream model.
What a great reward it is to turn a shy child, in this case Miss The Most Wonderful Eyelashes, into a playful, happy and chasing you (instead you chasing her) kid.
But don’t get me wrong. The points are not all on me, with a wonderful assistant and great parents who with joined power work hard behind my back (or with  an amazing dedication blow bubbles and throw the kids in the air) we all get it done.

Another year, another wonderful session! Can’t wait for next year already.


family_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto mom_and_daughter_san_jose_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos mom_and_daughter_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto mom_and_Dad_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photos_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_san_jose_cupertino kids_photography_san_jose_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photography_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photo_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_san_jose_cupertino family_session_san_francisco_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos family_session_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto family_session_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos dad_and_daughter_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto



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Family Re-union {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

I had a quite fun to photograph this family re-union. I’m not sure if it’s the era of pictures and videos being a prime medium and because of that many people feeling very natural in front of the camera, or I’m just lucky to be getting such great clients to work with. I’m not kidding, even before I was able to finish my sentence how I want them to pose they were already ready and smiling.

And you know the family had fun with you when at the end you’re asked to pose with them as a souvenir.











If you’d like to schedule a session with me, please call (408) 882 7438 or email at ewasamples(at) 
Also, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and in return get on an exclusive list of discounts, and model calls. 

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Peach Maternity Dress {Maternity Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

You know I must love the dress when it has earned a spot in a title. I was very excited when my client decided to have the session during the golden hour, and later, when she emailed me her dresses ideas I knew it’s going to be fabulous.

The final effect exceeded my expectations. When I saw her getting out of the car, I was in love! Honestly, I wanted to be pregnant again. She was glowing. She looked amazing.


I loved everything about this session. The place we picked, the outfits, the time of the day. I think, we couldn’t arrange it any better. And they all looked so happy and excited about the new addition to their family.





And while The Big Sister was busy being herself, and not really carrying about the whole photo session thing, I was able to capture this wonderful moment of a child being a child. This particular picture reminds me of the saying: “Dance like nobody’s watching”… and this is exactly what she was doing.




Mother and Daughter Session {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}


I was simply astonished by the amount of love the two have for each other. A single mother raising this full of affection and curiosity daughter.

At first they were super shy and nervous about the session, but it didn’t last long. Within a few minutes and several “test” shots they opened up, and the rest of the session was a plain fun, full of hugs, giggles, and laughing out loud. I left the session with my belly hurting from laughing.

To this day, every time I look at those photographs I feel warmth in my heart.




Pinkalicious {Newborn and Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}


5 months ago I met this family to photograph just born Little Sister. She was perfect in her sleepiness and calmness, and I loved every single minute I spent with the family. Beside me talking pictures we also talked about topics like “tabula rasa”…

newborn_family_session_palo_alto_silicon_valley_ewa_samples_photography_1While our second session was less intellectually interesting it was filled with kisses, hugs, smiles, and PINK! We had to work around mid-day sun light and dad’s injured back. For the mid-day, full of  beautiful shady spots Elizabeth Gamble Garden never fails. For the injured back, we limited my regular, throwing in the air fun, but we still did some swinging…

I can’t wait for our next session. Then, we will definitely do some more running around and throwing in the air! I promise that!



And can’t wait to add another sisters hugging picture to this collage!


Bubbles and Tutus {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

The last few weeks, we all have been fighting with some health issues. If it weren’t my kids, it was me, and all over again. Being stuck in the house so much, I had a chance to focus on a very cute project I’ve been working on for a quite a bit. My sewing skills are nowhere where I would want them to be, but it looks like they’re enough to design and put together those cute tutus. It all came together perfectly, as my models are the size of my girls, so I had alive mannequins to try the tutus on as I was making them.


 Yesterday was such a gorgeous day and we decided to see if the tutus are completely ready, and if they will endure being used for an hour or so. I think they passed the test. My kiddos loved it, now keep your fingers crossed the actual models will do, too!




Fun Family Session {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

You know it’s a good session when in the middle of it one of the parents says: “Now, Let’s do something fun”. They all deserve a standing ovation but most of all the white hair angel, who came to the session sick and despite of not feeling well, she simply rocked my socks off.


1st B-day Cake Smash {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}


This was a super fun session. Not only because the Little One after a few minutes of warming up simply GOT IT and WENT FOR IT, but also, because his parents WENT FOR IT, too!
What a mess we all made, but I think it was worth it.