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Life-Style Family Photo Session that will make you smile.

This life-style family photo session was a part of Mother’s Day Campaign in which we raised almost $600 for

Those 60 minutes were full of laughter, kisses, and “that’s sooooo embarrassing” phrases. For the entire time I was editing this session I had a big smile on my face. I love every single photo from this session.

I simply adore this age when kids (well I hope their won’t read this post as I think, they would’t like the fact I called them “kids”), are still kids, but they starting to act like they are not. Hugs and kisses from mom or dad in public are, oh, so embarrassing…

When they first hugged and I heard the “oh, it’s so embarrassing” and “ewwww”, I immediately though of ways to make it even more embarrassing. Just for the fun of it. So I asked them to kiss.

And that’s how the kissing marathon began. At the end I was told it felt like it was their wedding day again 🙂

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Beautiful Family in a Beautiful Gardens {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

The session was nothing but fun. We had hats, neck ties, lolipops and bubbles, only our balloons flew away before we started shooting. We had quite fun time running around this wonderful place (Elisabeth Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto).

ewa samples portfolio (101 of 1)
Having two girls myself I always wonder (mostly after a session with boys involved) how would that be to have boys. Gosh, they can tired you out…


Location Scouting for Photo Sessions {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography-25

Those two are my inseparable companions whenever I go location scouting.
When a potential client proposes a location I am not sure about or have never been to before, those two are the first models I take to that place and see if it could work or not.

In this case it was only a refresher, because it appeared I have been to this place and had done some shots there in the past. (Ugh, my poor memory!)
It is definitelly a YES for my future sessions and it got definitelly approved by my two models as a place to go and play whenever we are bored by our regular playgrounds and parks!

sisters_photo_session_elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography
sisters_photo_session_elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography_1
sisters_photo_session_elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography_2

Brother and Sister Session {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

ewa samples, mini-session for Jelena-15

The first day we met it was raining cats and dogs, although 30 minutes before the session the weather looked pretty ok for outdoor shooting. We re-scheduled the session for the next day. The second time we got lucky. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t very cold. Almost the entire session was conducted by the Big Brother. He had all these ideas: where he want to be photographed, what he is going to do while I take his pictures, etc., but at the same time he happily did what he was asked for… like hug his sister:

ewa samples, holiday kids mini-session, san jose

While his sister stayed on the more shy side.

ewa samples, holiday kids mini-session 2, san jose