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Why you shouldn’t skip Maternity Portraits Session

Doing Maternity Portraits Session might not seem like the best idea when you don’t feel like doing anything else but munch on pickles and chocolate…

However… I’ve spoke and worked with so many mamas, sad and disappointed, because of this one decision. Especially new mamas. The changes that happen in a woman’s body during her pregnancy are not always the most pleasurable. Lets admit that. Every woman is different and each of us goes through and experience pregnancy differently.

maternity portraits

However… These changes, later in woman’s life will be the most precious discussion starters with the little ones. I’ve experienced that first handed.

I used to have few of my pregnancy pictures showcased on our walls. My kids would talk about them all the time. The dissuasions they were having were simply priceless.

It’s also so wonderful to be able to look back at those days. To look back through beautiful photographs of your growing family. Pregnancy is a big part in this process, and you really shouldn’t skip documenting it.

Find the right photographer. There is plenty of fish in the sea these days. You can find someone whose style you truly like and with whom you’d like to work on documenting those precious fleeting moments. Don’t pick your husband. PLEASE! Don’t say, you can do your own documenting because it’s really not the same.

Treat yourself to something special, because you deserve it. Within a few months your life will turn upside down, and you think you feel tired now… Wait… Just wait till the lil one gets here. You think, you don’t look (and feel) beautiful enough while being pregnant… Wait… Just wait till you barely have the time to get in the shower ONCE A WEEK.

Because of the different experiences in how we go through our pregnancies, I would highly recommend not to wait till the very end to create your maternity portraits. I know, that often women are advised to wait till their last 2 months to do the session because of the very big belly and dramatic look it helps to create.

However, if you see your belly growing enough for being noticeable pregnant, go for it right then…  If your pregnancy is especially difficult and uncomfortable do it as soon as you can, too. Especially if you’re on the edge of not being sure about the whole thing. In my case, the last two months of my both pregnancies I wanted nothing but pickles washed down with Sprite, fuzzy warm socks on my feet and a good tv show. I looked nothing like this gorgeous mama I worked with two months ago, but I was lucky enough to have a photographer friend who took some wonderful images of my pregnant self, and I cherish those pictures to these days.

Now off I go to finish working on this gorgeous family’s newborn video, and a new post from their newborn session. And it’s all just precious!!!

3-4_without silhuette

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Peach Maternity Dress {Maternity Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

You know I must love the dress when it has earned a spot in a title. I was very excited when my client decided to have the session during the golden hour, and later, when she emailed me her dresses ideas I knew it’s going to be fabulous.

The final effect exceeded my expectations. When I saw her getting out of the car, I was in love! Honestly, I wanted to be pregnant again. She was glowing. She looked amazing.


I loved everything about this session. The place we picked, the outfits, the time of the day. I think, we couldn’t arrange it any better. And they all looked so happy and excited about the new addition to their family.





And while The Big Sister was busy being herself, and not really carrying about the whole photo session thing, I was able to capture this wonderful moment of a child being a child. This particular picture reminds me of the saying: “Dance like nobody’s watching”… and this is exactly what she was doing.




Stanford University Campus Family Session {Family Session, San Jose, CA}


This was my first session at Stanford Campus, business wise. I was super excited to have it. I got even more excited when I got to know, this place is emotionally close to the family, as one of them works there. It is always a great importance to be able to provide a wonderful photos from a place, that is somehow emotionally close to the people you get to work with.

I liked this place so much, I had several session in there since.

During this session not only I captured many beautiful and tender moments between the whole family, but I got a quick tour of this particular part of the campus.

Happy 1st B-day {Cake Smash Session, Mountain View, CA}

cake smash-1

What could be a better way to celebrate my first year in business if not this session. As I was starting, a little confused, scared of what the future will bring, and scared of every single session I went to, I got nothing but encouragement from all my first clients. This family wasn’t any different! When I met this little guy for the first time he was only 4 days old, and he was the most calm and sleeping through the entire session baby – a newborn all newborn photographers hope for when they go to a session like that.

This time I met him for his 1st b-day. It was sweet and unbelievably cute. So many times during the session I just wanted to stop and hug this little guy!!!




Fall Mini-Session {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

Fall is around the corner, and it happens to be my favorite season of the year. I think everyone who has something to do with photography loves Fall.

ania i asia-15
I know, I know, it’s not Fall yet, and there is not enough of colors out there to get so excited… But I am, that’s how I love Fall 🙂
I have already found a several beautiful locations for it with plenty of colors.

This offer ends on September 26th!!! 


Hope to see you soon, my friends!

Location Scouting for Photo Sessions {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography-25

Those two are my inseparable companions whenever I go location scouting.
When a potential client proposes a location I am not sure about or have never been to before, those two are the first models I take to that place and see if it could work or not.

In this case it was only a refresher, because it appeared I have been to this place and had done some shots there in the past. (Ugh, my poor memory!)
It is definitelly a YES for my future sessions and it got definitelly approved by my two models as a place to go and play whenever we are bored by our regular playgrounds and parks!

sisters_photo_session_elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography
sisters_photo_session_elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography_1
sisters_photo_session_elisabet gamble garden_ewa_samples_photography_2

It’s a boy! {Newborn Photography, San Jose, CA}


I met this beautiful family when they were still waiting for their baby boy:

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It was a wonderful day when I opened my email and read “Hello Ewa, our baby boy arrived yesterday. We are all fine and happy. When can we schedule new sesssion?” The best email a photographer can receive. Pretty soon after I reveived that message I had the chance to meet Leonardo myself.



Julian {Newborn/Family Photography, San Jose, CA}


I meet with Julian not once, but twice.

The second time his grandparents were in town and I could not pass the opportunity to capture 3 generations.


Here is more picture from both sessions:

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An Au Pair Extraordinaire {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA)


Vibrant, natural, happy, brave, energetic with a wonderful sense of humor.

She will make you smile – that’s for sure.

She left Poland to become an Au Pair in cultural exchange program.

She just flew over San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge (for the second time), and because of that she is the happiest person in the world, or because of the handsome flight instructor 😉 .

Her blog is on the 4th place in the 2013 International Exchange Blog Contest.

In a few months her adventure with the U.S comes to an end and asked what’s next, she said, “probably Germany”, but before she leaves  there is a cross country road trip to be crossed out from her bucket list!


The Girls in Yellow Hats {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}


What a lovely day we had today.
We have managed to finish colorful hats and take them for some shooting – the hats, I mean.
The kids loved the idea of wearing new hats and they definitely didn’t mind to spend some time playing outdoors.


4 days old baby boy {Newborn Photography, San Jose, CA}

ewa samples, crochet gifts

Last week I had a chance to meet this happy and very content baby boy. At the time he was only 4 days old. So tiny. Just during those few hours I’d spent with him he received many, many hugs and kisses. He is a lucky boy to be born in such a loving family!

ewa samples, newborn family photo session, mountain view,CA

ewa samples, newborn family photo session, mountain view,CA 1

ewa samples, newborn family photo session, mountain view,CA 2

ewa samples, newborn family photo session, mountain view,CA 3

ewa samples, newborn family photo session, mountain view,CA 4

ewa samples, newborn family photo session, mountain view,CA 5