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Lifestyle newborn photography session {Newborn Photographer, Palo Alto, CA}

Lifestyle newborn photography session, those words together sound like Philip Glass to my ears. I love to hear from my clients that they want lifestyle newborn session. I just love it! I get so happy when that happens. As much as I like to play with props and cute newborn outfits, I think I am super fond of lifestyle sessions. If I was to ask a professional to photograph my newborn baby (and today I regret I didn’t do that when my kids were so little), I would definitely had gone with the photography session that is more natural for the baby.

One of the most beautiful things to photograph is a newborn and his/her family in their natural environment. Lifestyle newborn photography is beautiful. Every session has its own beauty, but I think, the most beautiful are sessions where kids are in their environment. When I get to a client’s home the kids there are most likely going to be the ones who “take charge” – they like to showcase their toys, books, art they did the other day. They like to show you around. I like it. I like how natural they are, almost immediately. You might be the strange lady for them, but the good thing is they still are in their own territory and that’s a huge plus.

During this session being a strange lady was not an issue. Before the newborn session we had already met twice. You can read more about it here . They were such troopers. Love working with those guys!

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Mother and Daughter Session {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}


I was simply astonished by the amount of love the two have for each other. A single mother raising this full of affection and curiosity daughter.

At first they were super shy and nervous about the session, but it didn’t last long. Within a few minutes and several “test” shots they opened up, and the rest of the session was a plain fun, full of hugs, giggles, and laughing out loud. I left the session with my belly hurting from laughing.

To this day, every time I look at those photographs I feel warmth in my heart.




Stanford University Campus Family Session {Family Session, San Jose, CA}


This was my first session at Stanford Campus, business wise. I was super excited to have it. I got even more excited when I got to know, this place is emotionally close to the family, as one of them works there. It is always a great importance to be able to provide a wonderful photos from a place, that is somehow emotionally close to the people you get to work with.

I liked this place so much, I had several session in there since.

During this session not only I captured many beautiful and tender moments between the whole family, but I got a quick tour of this particular part of the campus.