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Earth Day on the Bay at the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City

Today, we went to “Earth Day on the Bay” at the Marine Science Institute. There were many activities and things to see, but we anchored our butts at a lovely small beach next to the Institute. The beach is full of broken shells, and it hurts to walk on it bearfoot. However that didn’t stop the kids. They got wet and muddy, and all what they were talking about it how they wished they knew where we’re going, because they would had taken their swimming suits with them. Well, it looks like I know where to take them tomorrow. Beach it is 😉

It started from dipping they feet. Just a little bit. Then it went to going down to about their knees. The kids on the beach had a really great time. We should have visit more what was available inside the Marine Science Institute, but at the end the kids we just happy with where they were, and with finding clam shells (the beach was full of them).

At the end they were all dripping wet from toes to top of their heads. Still, we had to finish the day with a huge scoop of ice cream for everybody.

How was your day?

Earth Day Marine Science Institute-1

3-4_without silhuette

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Testing before really fun family session {Lifestyle Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

It’s a love-hate relationship between my job and my kids. Sometimes they have to struggle through all kinds of posing, “weird light in their face”, particular kind of playing, or playing in a particle wardrobe, I mean, you name it. If I want to try something photography related, they are my “lab rats”. I just received a new studio lights, and I’m eager to try them, BUT I know how much my kids are going to like that, not! 😉

But, there are the sweet “sessions” when they don’t even realize I’m testing. And I think, they are the best. For me and for them. They love it, and you can simple tell it by looking at all the pictures I take during those times.

Last Saturday we did just that. I was testing a bubbles making machine for really fun family session on Sunday, and they were having the best time ever. Not to mention, we used all the bubbles making soap, and the next day I had to run to the store to get new one for the real session.

But the happiness I was able to document is priceless!



















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How to survive Halloween? Simply enjoy it…

In my 10 years of living in America I carved pumpkin only once. Until today.

Each year, I had struggle to really enjoy this time of the year. As they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and I came to USA as a grown woman, fully formed and rooted in my culture and traditions. It was hard to simply switch from one to another, and “just have fun”.

Each year my husband dragged me to go trick-or-treating, and I did… in rain and cold, too.

The things we do for kids…, and husbands, right?

This year Halloween came from nowhere. I think being busy helped me not to stress about it. I haven’t have much time for that. Instead of stressing and complaining I have been enjoying my kids and their excitement. They’ve had the best time ever picking costumes, going to pumpkin patches, and bragging about carving the pumpkin. Not to lie to you, I think I was asked about the carving more then 30 times today…

So today I had some one on one time with that darn pumpkin, and here is a short documentation from it. Plus some extra photos of our Super Hero Girl.

carving pumpking with kids-5

carving pumpking with kids-1

carving pumpking with kids-2

how to survive halloween_ewa_samples_photography-1

how to survive halloween_ewa_samples_photography-3




carving pumpking with kids-3

carving pumpking with kids-6

carving pumpking with kids-7

carving pumpking with kids-4

carving pumpking with kids-8

carving pumpking with kids-9

how to survive halloween_ewa_samples_photography-2

carving pumpking with kids-10

carving pumpking with kids-11

carving pumpking with kids-12

how to survive halloween_ewa_samples_photography-4

carving pumpking with kids-13

I don’t know how I’m going to feel about Halloween next year, but so far I’m having a good time…

What about you?

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