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Happy Halloween {Family Photographer, Los Gatos, CA}

Sometimes the best things come from unplanned and unexpected. That’s exactly how it happened yesterday. We went for a short hike mixed with location scouting. We also discovered that we have Halloween costumes in the trunk of the car. While one sister refused to dress up, the other one took advantage of having two costumes available to her… We had so much fun!

halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-1 halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-2 halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_ideas_san_jose_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-4 halloween_session_Mountain_View_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_Mountain_View_Los_Gatos_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_with_kids_Los_Gatos_bay_area_photographer_ewa_samples-1 halloween_session_with_kids_Los_Gatos_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-2 halloween_session_with_kids_Los_Gatos_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-3 halloween_session_with_kids_Mountain_View_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-1 halloween_session_with_kids_Mountain_View_cupertino_photographer_ewa_samples-2


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After the rain, the sun comes out {Lifestyle Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

throwing leaves (1 of 1)

I am so much behind updating my blog here but living the life of a mom of two young children the inevitable thing, in this time of a year, had happened.  Both kids got sick at the same time and among doing lots of laundry and sleepless nights my last desire was to sit in front of the computer taking care of blog.

At the same time I almost lost hope for the opportunity to take my kids out to the Fall colors and fallen leaves. Day after day had passed by and it seemed like there is no end to their illness.

Finally after a short test walk two days ago, yesterday we went for a wonderful trip. The one I was hoping for since Fall has arrived. We played. Threw leaves. Got grumpy.
Life is good! 🙂


Halloween Mini-Session {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

Halloween is around the corner. Every year I have a lot of fun with the kids getting dressed in costumes. It is so wonderful to see how each year they want to be something different than the year before.

halloween_mini_session_san_jose_family_photography (1 of 1)

What a great thing to be able to capture all the silly and cute costumes, so in the future they can laugh out loud of how adorable they looked.


For that reason, and because I think kids in costumes are super darling, I’m offering a Halloween Mini. Lets make it fun and memorable! I will come to the nearest pumpkin patch (must be within 10 miles of San Jose/Cupertino Area) or we will meet at a location picked by me with lots of space to run around and goof off.



Alicia in Wonderland {Family/Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

ewa samples, porfolio, family session (1 of 1)

We met with Alicia and her mom in one beautiful late afternoon. I’ve been working on a special project (that is top-secret for now) and I was planning to focus a lot on Alicia’s mom, but when the camera made its first “click” something clicked in Alicia, as well.

From a shy, hiding behind her mamma girl, she opened up like being in front of a camera was her first nature, like she’s done it many times before. I just couldn’t miss all those wonderful moments in which she became the star.

Thank you both, girls!!!

mother daughter session, san jose, california, ewa samples photograph-1
mother daughter session, san jose, california, ewa samples photography
mother daughter session, san jose, california, ewa samples photograph-2
mother daughter session, san jose, california, ewa samples photograph-3




Beautiful Family in a Beautiful Gardens {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

The session was nothing but fun. We had hats, neck ties, lolipops and bubbles, only our balloons flew away before we started shooting. We had quite fun time running around this wonderful place (Elisabeth Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto).

ewa samples portfolio (101 of 1)
Having two girls myself I always wonder (mostly after a session with boys involved) how would that be to have boys. Gosh, they can tired you out…


Happy 1st B-day {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

It’s been 1 year since she came to this world.

Oh… what a year it was!

Happy B-day NO.2! 🙂


NOT twin Brothers! {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

When I got to their house, at 8am, I was welcomed by one sleepy head, his older brother was still asleep, and we got up he wasn’t in the best mood for a photo shoot. We had worked a little bit harder than usual to get a smile out of him. We watched cartoons, ate breakfast and played together. I captured their morning routine.

ewa samples, brothers photo session, mountain view, CA 2

ewa samples, brothers photo session, mountain view, CA 1

ewa samples, brothers photo session, mountain view, CA

ewa samples, brothers photo session, mountain view, CA

ewa samples, brothers photo session, mountain view, CA 2

Goodbye California, {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

They were flying, jumping, hula hooping, peek-a-booing and hiding in moving boxes. What a session!!!

I had a pleasure to photograph this fun to work with family right after their baby No.2 was born (pictures from that session HERE).

This time we met for a session that would capture the memories about their neighborhood, their favorite park, their favorite spot at their house (a couch, lol), and a few other things that will remind them about the place they used to live for a long time.

We had so much fun, I couldn’t stop photographing them:

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA1

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA2

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA3

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA4

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA5

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA6

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA7

ewa samples, family portrait, san jose, CA8

Brother and Sister Session {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

ewa samples, mini-session for Jelena-15

The first day we met it was raining cats and dogs, although 30 minutes before the session the weather looked pretty ok for outdoor shooting. We re-scheduled the session for the next day. The second time we got lucky. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t very cold. Almost the entire session was conducted by the Big Brother. He had all these ideas: where he want to be photographed, what he is going to do while I take his pictures, etc., but at the same time he happily did what he was asked for… like hug his sister:

ewa samples, holiday kids mini-session, san jose

While his sister stayed on the more shy side.

ewa samples, holiday kids mini-session 2, san jose