Self-Portrait of the Photographer {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA}

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Taking pictures is my passion. It is a passion of every photographer out there, at least this is what I believe in.

We spent hours on end shooting, editing, thinking about locations or location hunting, visualizing sessions with clients, browsing the Internet and organizing our Pinterst boards. Everything for one purpose – to become a better photographer and to serve our clients better. Many of us have mastered and memorized all the techniques of encouraging our models to feel comfortable in front of the camera. We know a lot about posing, how to make people look good, how to use the light and how to use every bit of space as a good spot for a photograph.

We take tremendous amounts of pictures weekly… Don’t we.

But how many pictures of ourselves, with kids, with spouses or without them, do we have?
How many times when somebody said, “hey you’ve been shooting all the time, let me take some pictures of you”, you just packed your stuff and run away or hide? I remember those days too good.

We have all the fancy equipment to capture beautiful moments of people and for people but so few of us use the same equipment and talent for themselves.

In addition there isn’t a better way to practice the knowledge about photography than to practice on ourselves. It’s free and nobody else needs to see it.

At the same time you might be really surprised how many great moments you will capture, especially if there are kids involved!
I cherish all my self-portraits I’ve taken so far, no matter how blurry and not perfect they are.


So, if you’re a photographer, and if you read this, I challenge you to go out there and turn your camera on yourself.
Once for a while, instead of spending an hour in front of the computer looking for inspiration, just go out and face the camera yourself. You might be surprised how many new things you’ll learn, how many new ideas you will get.

I can promise you that!

Here my two tutorials talking about of how to start taking self-portraits:

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Now go out there and shoot yourself! Good luck and don’t forget to have fun!

A typical day in the life of an Au Pair {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA}

We met with Anna before. We worked on a session with more make-up, and with more chic outfits, but there is nothing more fun than a session where your model wears a tracksuit 🙂 Seriously!

This time we met to document her ordinary day minus the kids she has to take care of.

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With this session I wanted to capture the regular, the normal and the boring side of this cultural exchange program called AU PAIR.

Here are a few words about it from Anna herself:

For most of the European girls being an Au Pair in USA is a part of the American Dream. We watch American movies and tv shows, and dream about the palm trees, the fancy clothes and the life without worries. In those stories babysitters take care of rich, angel-like-looking kids, have super-duper cars for their own use and for most of the day they just sit in the swimming pool or hot-tubs. In the Evenings they party.

So we go to the au pair agencies and say, I want to go to USA! I want my own American Dream!

We often forget about one thing, though. We are here to work, to take care of somebody else’s kids. This work is full-time job, 45 hours. We’re responsible for those little humans, we need to be for them all the time, and we need to do whatever their parents expect us to do.

If you’re hoping for roller-coaster life and martinis in a pool, this is not program for you. The daily routine is booooring: making lunches, cleaning, doing laundry, school’s drop-off/pick-up’s, snacks, homework, bedtime. Everyday. The same thing over, and over again. When we want to run away from all that – we go shopping. Things are way cheaper than in our countries. So we buy like crazy: shoes, clothes, bags. Shopping is every au pair way to relax. Many travel. We want to visit places with those palm trees, fancy stores which we’ve seen in the movies.

Many au pair realize that this program is not just fun, it’s hard work as well, and it’s not quite the American Dream they were expecting. Well, this shouldn’t stop anybody from taking the best of what they have and trying to have as much fun, and see as many places as possible just so they can go back home with heads full of memories of great moments and great places.

This session with Ewa  is going to be one of those memories.

With this session I am launching a new offer, available all year long and exclusive for au pairs only. For more details click here


An Au Pair Extraordinaire {Portrait Photography, San Jose, CA)


Vibrant, natural, happy, brave, energetic with a wonderful sense of humor.

She will make you smile – that’s for sure.

She left Poland to become an Au Pair in cultural exchange program.

She just flew over San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge (for the second time), and because of that she is the happiest person in the world, or because of the handsome flight instructor 😉 .

Her blog is on the 4th place in the 2013 International Exchange Blog Contest.

In a few months her adventure with the U.S comes to an end and asked what’s next, she said, “probably Germany”, but before she leaves  there is a cross country road trip to be crossed out from her bucket list!


Fly High – Happy New Year!!!

In this New Year I wish you all the best! May your dream come true (at least one), and if you already haven’t to discover the side of a child in yourself!

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