Photo shoot

Happy 1st B-day {Cake Smash Session, Mountain View, CA}

cake smash-1

What could be a better way to celebrate my first year in business if not this session. As I was starting, a little confused, scared of what the future will bring, and scared of every single session I went to, I got nothing but encouragement from all my first clients. This family wasn’t any different! When I met this little guy for the first time he was only 4 days old, and he was the most calm and sleeping through the entire session baby – a newborn all newborn photographers hope for when they go to a session like that.

This time I met him for his 1st b-day. It was sweet and unbelievably cute. So many times during the session I just wanted to stop and hug this little guy!!!




Relaxation Shooting. While waiting for the client.

Do you know the feeling that you get while preparing for a photo session?

I bet many photographers are passed this phase and photo sessions are like a grocery shopping for them.

I am not. I still have butterflies in my stomach and an adrenaline rush starting the day before the session.

Relaxation shooting is the best resolution to that.

Yesterday it happened 30 minutes before the session.

After I finished my coffee I walked around our outdoor location and captured a few creatures that crossed my way!

In no time I was realaxed, calm and ready for the real fun!

ewa samples, relaxstion shooting before session