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Peach Maternity Dress {Maternity Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

You know I must love the dress when it has earned a spot in a title. I was very excited when my client decided to have the session during the golden hour, and later, when she emailed me her dresses ideas I knew it’s going to be fabulous.

The final effect exceeded my expectations. When I saw her getting out of the car, I was in love! Honestly, I wanted to be pregnant again. She was glowing. She looked amazing.


I loved everything about this session. The place we picked, the outfits, the time of the day. I think, we couldn’t arrange it any better. And they all looked so happy and excited about the new addition to their family.





And while The Big Sister was busy being herself, and not really carrying about the whole photo session thing, I was able to capture this wonderful moment of a child being a child. This particular picture reminds me of the saying: “Dance like nobody’s watching”… and this is exactly what she was doing.




Alicia in Wonderland {Family/Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}

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We met with Alicia and her mom in one beautiful late afternoon. I’ve been working on a special project (that is top-secret for now) and I was planning to focus a lot on Alicia’s mom, but when the camera made its first “click” something clicked in Alicia, as well.

From a shy, hiding behind her mamma girl, she opened up like being in front of a camera was her first nature, like she’s done it many times before. I just couldn’t miss all those wonderful moments in which she became the star.

Thank you both, girls!!!

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mother daughter session, san jose, california, ewa samples photography
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