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Spring Mini-Session San Jose Cupertino

Spring Mini-Session in San Jose and Cupertino area sounds very intriquing. I’m already making a list of places I want to go to, and shoot like RIGHT NOW! Well, maybe not right now, as it’s raining. But tomorrow!!! Definitely! Already charging my batteries…

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There is so much beautiful things blooming, the world is so green… Gosh, I’ve been locked in my garage studio for way too long. I have emerged very recently to notice how the world around my has changed… And now I’m going crazy. I’ve already scheduled to sessions for this week, and I want more!!!

I could not resist of some “mommy and me” pictures. The kids grow so fast, and their attitude towards being hugged, giving hugs and being in front of the camera changes a lot. It’s getting harder and harder to get the real emotions from them. They used to not even notice the camera, these days, I can see their behavior changing as soon as I point the camera at them. It’s cute, but it’s different. So, I jump in front of the camera with them every chance I get. Because someday, that also might change…

I encourage you to do the same! Those years fly by so fast, and you don’t want to miss them. And at some point of your life photographs will be the only things to remind you and your Little Ones of the beautiful past you shared.

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So, I’m thinking, short and sweet. With flowers, bubbles, and fabric tents… Simply shot me an email if you’re interested. Even better sign up to my newsletter to never miss any special offers from me.
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5 reasons why you should join Mother’s Day Mini Session with Ewa Samples Photography, Bay Area Family Photographer (Reason no.2)

Reason no. 2 why you should join Mother’s Day Mini Session:

Preserve your memories in the best quality there is.

But before reading any further simply “support” this cause first!!!

No matter if you’re considering going with me or with another Bay Area photographer. You should simply do it. Just do it. No matter how many cell phone photos of you and your family you have, going with a professional session is really the way to preserve your memories.

For the purpose of this post I had contacted some of the moms I had photographed in the past and asked them for a permission to scrutinize their cell phone photos. And you know what? They all said, GO FOR IT! So, lets get to it. 😉 (I didn’t really ask them for a permission to criticize their photos, I would never do it. I simply asked them to use their photos for education purpose)

This post is not about how bad anybody looks in cell phone photos or photos taken by not professional. I am not here to criticize or point mistakes, bad light or composition, or whatever you might think of. Cell phone photos are wonderful. They allow us preserve memories fast and on the run, memories otherwise would be lost if not cell phones. I even wrote a blog post about how to improve your phone photos. Great read for those who want to get better and more creative with their phone photography.

But agree with me or not, the cell phone photos are more likely to disappear somewhere is the chaos of your uncategorized computer files, and unexpected phone and hard drive crashes.

For example which of these photos, do you think, will end up on a wall or in a photo book? Mother’s Day Mini Session in San Jose

Mother's Day Mini Session, Ewa Samples Photography

I know that most of people wait till the end of the year to get their family pictures done. This is an opportunity to have your mother and daughter, mother and son, mother and kids pictures done without the whole stress of running out of time before Christmas, or having to squeeze into your photographer’s busy schedule. If you want, bring your hubby along. If you don’t (or if he doesn’t want to), then don’t worry about it. This is the beauty of Mother’s Day Special – husbands are optional! 

Mother Daughter Photography, Ewa Samples Photography

Not every photographer can see the fragility, strength, beauty and essence of the moment, but you can; just amazing!!” – Olga


The whole process will take you about an hour. Not longer. I encourage you to pamper yourself for this year Mother’s Day. Let your hubby know about this special and let him book it for you! Because why no? This is once in a year opportunity.

This Mother’s Day lets create portraits of a mother you were always wanting to have. Feminine, beautiful, delicate and artistic. I can help you with that. For those who’ll express the need, I will be able to provide a professional make up artist, as well; To pamper you even more!

Mother's Day Mini Session, Ewa Samples Photography, San Jose

Mother's Day Mini Session, San Jose and Cupertino

In addition, if you haven’t read my post about Reason no.1 why you should join this Mother’s Day Special with our studio, then I’ll tell you, it is even more important then preserving your own memories. You will be helping in saving lives with, an organization with a mission to make birth safer in Laos, where maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world. They provide birthing supplies, training for nurses and funding for nurses to train CleanBirth Village Volunteers. Only $5 can save a mother and a child! We will be giving them much more. 40% of my entire profit will be donated to this organization. 


I’ve created 3 packages for everybody to find something suitable. They start from $210, and each of them includes a tangible gift for all the participants to cherish!

Download your offer today!

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    Mother’s Day Mini Session in San Jose

    Mother’s Day Mini-Session {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

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    Hey Moms,

    I think, it’s time to put down the iPhones and for one day stop with the low quality selfies in yoga pants. Just for one evening lets  stop being busy with cooking, cleaning, washing, feeding, you name it. Lets stop the time, and just be! Mother’s Day is a perfect reason to do so.  Lets celebrate motherhood with a beautiful session of you and your loved ones for you to cherish forever!

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