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Our new family members, and how they got here. Stranger Challenge, week 12

I’m two weeks behind with posting about my 52 Stranger Challenge. So, I’m getting back to work and catching up. My super awesome stranger from week 12th was Beate. She has delivered to us our two new family members: Jitterbug and Muffy.

My husband met them both two weeks prior to their arrival back in Virginia. And yes, Beate from B’s Pet Delivery drove our four leg buddies from Virginia. Not to mention other places she was heading too, or going from.

new family members

She was on schedule an eager to hit the road as her fella pets on the back were not as patient as she was. However, she stayed long enough to have a friendly chat with us about her business. Of course, I had to ask her if she was ever hurt by any of the animal she transports, and of course, her answer was yes.

She was totally surprised when I asked her to model for me, and despite the fact that she was tired after days and days of driving across the country, she did awesome.

She told us, she works 3 weeks (3 weeks on the road driving), and then she takes 3 weeks off. She has visited almost all the states in America. She doesn’t have much time to “visit” the places she stops at, but it didn’t seem to bother her. She just loves what she does the way she does it 😀 What I totally get!

So, thank you so much Beate for safely delivering our new family members. They have already adjusted to us quite a bit, and we already see their cute personalities shining through.

Meet Jitterbug and Muffy:

If you have an interesting story to tell with your life, let me know. Maybe we can create wonderful memories with the story shining through, for you and your family.

3-4_without silhuette

{San Jose Kids Photographer } Fun Kids Pictures Rain

Yesterday I was able to get some fun kids pictures in the rain. It looks like we are going to do the same today. Kids are already poking me and asking when are we going out… Some people might think that words like “fun kids pictures rain” do not go well together. Like my husband, who thinks he’s made out of sugar, and going out in the rain is deadly for him.

I think quite the opposite.

The rain wasn’t that heavy for most of the time, and there were moments when it didn’t rain at all. The kids had way more fun then in any given sunny day we’ve had so far.

We came home soaked… Well, not me, but those two little adventurers. They were dripping from all the rain, but mostly from all the puddles they decided to jump into and splash. After we came home, we had hot milk with honey and cupcakes for dinner, because why not. It all was followed by a warm bath with bubbles. Like literally plenty of them!!! 🙂 Fun! Fun! Fun!

So, off we go to have fun again again. We’ve got plenty of milk in the fridge and the bathroom is already supplied with bubbles soap.

bubbles ewa samples photography-5

I also recently fell in love with double exposure pictures, so there are only few out of many I took yesterday. You can see some examples in the gallery displayed below.

So YES, “fun kids pictures rain” definitely go together in this household.

How about yours!?

3-4_without silhuette

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How I got to photograph Slovak Rough-haired Pointers {Lifestyle Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

When I first got an email from this family I was extremely happy. Not only they are dog lovers, but they are literally dog parents. Oscar and George are their kids as any human kid could be. They even go trick or treating each year. This year, for example, they were supposed to be superheroes, but due to a family sickness they did not go.

Thanks to their super awesome mom you will be able to see Slovak rough-haired pointers super heroes, anyway. She dressed them all up today and snapped those pictures just for the purpose of this post, so enjoy what might be your only chance to see such cute thing.

_DSC6807 (1)



I really hope they enjoyed those costumes more then being in a sheep disguise (what I heard, they did not like so much).

This breed (Slovak Rough-haired Pointer), is very unique to United States. If you were with us you could simply see that, because every single person who walked by us stopped with the question:

 “wow! what kind of dogs are they?”.

I was very impressed by the dogs friendly attitude towards me or other dogs. During the session I had received countless kisses and many times we had to take breaks caused by the urge to say “hello” to passing dog owners, or rather the owner’s dogs.


These dogs are mostly bred to track and point vast range of animals from birds to deer. The couple got them after falling in love in this breed during a dog show they attended. Or I should say, it was the mom who fell in love with this breed. And when woman wants something, she gets it. Right.

They imported one from Slovakia, and then one more. They say, they don’t plan more, but, well, I know how that goes…


You start from one, then the one seems to be a little lonely, so you add another one, and before you know it you have a bunch…



As an owner of a hunting breed myself, it was very interesting to listen about Oscar and George. I loved hearing about their personalities and how different they are. Just like my dogs. The same breed, two totally different personalities. Well, the same goes with my two daughters. Kids, dogs, no difference, and we pretty  much agreed on that, too. LOL

Also, just like kids, we were able to trick them to “behave” with some delicious snacks during the session.







Slovak Rough-haired Pointers_ewa_samples_photography_san_jose-12


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Lifestyle Newborn Session and French Toasts {Newborn Photographer, Santa Cruz, CA}

This was one of the most laid back lifestyle newborn sessions I’ve ever had. Everything was flowing so naturally. I’m glad we could incorporate family dog into many of the portraits. You know the dog is a big part of the family when his name appears on my model release and in my contract.

Before we were let go home we were fed french toasts, so we wouldn’t have to drive from Santa Cruz to San Jose with empty stomachs. I can do sessions like this one every single day.

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-17
newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-2

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-3

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-4

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-5

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-6

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-7

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-8

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-9

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-10

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-12

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-13

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-14

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-15

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-16

newborn lifestyle session, santa cruz photographer-18


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I consider the Fall season open !

This past weekend I had a family session in a gorgeous location in Redwood City and we all agreed, THE FALL IS HERE.

With this beautiful throw I consider the Fall season open, and I don’t care what you say 😉


Then this week, I had the duty to walk our daughter to school and those few trips only reassured me about it. I know, I know, you might say that those few leaves on the ground doesn’t make it Fall,


but if you stop for a minute or two you’ll notice that there is more then a few of them laying around. You can actually make a pretty big pile, just like we did today on our way back from walking her big sister to school.






and like yesterday or today we did not have any problems with finding enough leaves to throw them in the air or at me (which was the most fun part of all).







I can smell it, I can feel it, and I can finally wear my poncho without getting all sweaty in it… That’s the sign the Fall is here. Seriously 😉


The only thing I’m missing is the rain.


These are just sprinklers. One can dream, right.

Sprinklers again...

Sprinklers again…

So my advice to you is to whenever you’re out today, stop looking at your phone for few minutes and instead look around you. Let me know if you were able to spot the Fall, like I did (with a big help of my Little One).

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What a 5 year old likes {Lifestyle Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}


Today I asked my 5 year old about things she loves, I also asked my 3 year old the same question, but that is for another post 🙂

At first I though the list will never end. She had so much fun talking about all the things she enjoys, likes, love.

I encourage all parents to do that with their kids. This is such a great opportunity for them to connect with you and talk to you about things that are important to them. Some of those thing we might not know about…

This weekend find some time sit down with your kids and ask them this simple question. They will love the attention and you will love hearing the answers.

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Best place to visit and shop this weekend in Sonoma County

Few days ago me and my kids had an awesome time visiting a friend who lives up North. We had one day trip with the kids and I kind of fell in love in that place. The City of Petaluma – best place to visit and shop in Sonoma County, especially this upcoming weekend. Why? Because they will be having an amazing sales (their approach to Black Friday). So if you’re planning your family session this year, well, Petaluma is filled with unique boutiques with beautiful wardrobe, and if I had known I’ll be writing a blog post about it I would probably had taken a few photos of those boutiques. But I didn’t, so you just have to believe me 🙂

Take my word for it, you will find some beautiful outfits for the entire family!


This place has very historical feeling to it. Many of the old buildings have been re-purposed into retail, and it’s great to just walk around.


Isinde this old mill there are stores and offices. Very cool place!



best places to visit and shop in sonoma county

the Balshaw Bridge


I’ve heard Metallica played in this theater years and years ago.


The sales have already (partially) started so I simply couldn’t resist and lost myself in a “yarn store”. Got out of there a few more cashmere yarn balls richer.



Along the shopping it is also a wonderful place to just walk around, have a lunch and relax.











During our trip we got very lucky because we not only had our tour guide but we also were fed with some delicious home cooked food, and my kids got to bake cakes and cupcakes! The best trip ever.

visiting petaluma california-1

best places to visint and shop in sonoma county-2

best places to visint in sonoma county-1





So, if you still don’t have any plans for this week, well, Petaluma is a place to consider for sure. And here is address to a free public parking:

169 C St, 

Petaluma, CA

from there you can easily walk to all the places on the pictures above.

Have fun!


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