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Anniversary Family Session Castello Di Amorosa Calistoga || Bay Area Photographer

When things got bad at Calistoga a few weeks ago, all I could think about was this sweet anniversary family session at Castello Di Amorosa.

Anniversary Family Session Castello Di Amorosa Bay Area Photographer

Last year, when one of my very dear clients purchased a membership to Ewa Samples Photography, they said they want to use one of the sessions as their anniversary celebration. They wanted to do it in a special location!

We looked at locations within or very close to the Bay Area. We brainstormed for days. Each time we found something that they were happy to consider however there was another problem: did we want to pay hundreds of dollars of shooting permits on their grounds?

Was it worth it? – we thought.

Can we find something better? – yes, we knew we can.

So… the research continued.

As the research went on the proximity from the Bay Area grew bigger and bigger. Until we found just the spot.

Castello Di Amorosa in Calistoga


(this post is mixed with some iPhone shots of our family trip I made out of this session. Because I couldn’t just leave my kiddos behind when I was going to visit a CASTLE!) 

Castello Di Amorosa Ewa Samples Photography

Calistoga Castello Di Amorosa Ewa Samples Photography

Calistoga Castello Di Amorosa Ewa Samples Photography


This place looked perfect. My clients thought the same thing. We knew we found the spot. They did not charge for shooting permits which was an extra plus. The only charges were to buy a ticket to get in. 

I booked a cute Airbnb cabin and in March 2019 we were off for a great adventure. Our cabin was in Santa Rosa without Internet or TV and I LOVED IT! We spent the entire weekend exploring the property we stayed at, playing board games, cooking some delicious breakfasts, and visiting downtown Calistoga.

Calistoga Castello Di Amorosa Ewa Samples Photography


castello di amorosa ewa samples photography



For the Castello Di Amorosa, well, the place looked a little different in person. Smaller and VERY crowded. When I say “VERY crowded” I mean like elbowing people around you while trying to pass them in the narrow castle passages. Oh… the good old days when being in a crowded place was allowed… Hahaha…

crowded Castello di Amorosa

As you look through my clients’ pictures (the slideshow below) you probably won’t believe me. However, in reality, I had to use all the magic of “the right angle” during this session. I went down, and left and right and “block” people with my clients so you can’t see them in the background, and more… My back was really hurting after this session because I’d put in a lot of workout during it. But it was well worth it!

The memories are spectacular and I will always think about this session as something special. Not every day I book sessions which give me the opportunity to travel to very cool places.

Today Castello di Amorosa is recovering from 5 million dollars of loss in wine due to the recent Glass Fire and I wish them all the best in their speedy recovery.

Googleplex – Mountain View, California – Family Photographer

Being a photographer in Silicon Valley allows me to work in such great locations as Googleplex – Mountain View. Having so many clients who work in Google allows me to get where public can’t (most of the time). HA!

Recently, one of my clients, who’s been with me for many, many years announced her family is moving to Colorado. She had some credit left on her Annual Membership so we came up with two amazing sessions for her family. One was her 10th wedding anniversary (which will be blogged shortly), and the last one was family session at Googleplex in Mountain View.

When I arrived to the address they gave me, I saw them all standing in Google colors t-shirts and I immediately knew this is going to be epic. Well, it always was with Jen’s family, so I wasn’t surprised.

Googleplex - Mountain View, Family Photographer, Ewa Samples Photography

I love the goofiness of this family. During each session we had together they had the custom to make silly faces, and our last session wasn’t any different. (well, hopefully it’s not our last last

Because no session is perfect without a silly faces picture.

Googleplex - Mountain View, Family Photographer, Ewa Samples Photography

It’s sad to see a family I’ve worked with for years go. From newborn and cake smash session to many fun family sessions and hosted together events I documented this family grow stronger and more beautiful with each year.

I hope to be able to get together sometime and create wonderful memories for this family in the beautiful scenery of Colorado. We just got back from a road trip to Grand Junction (where I shoot a wedding), and all I can say is, I WANT TO GO BACK THERE!

And if you’d like to get an amazing customer service and amazing nails for your next photo session shoot a message to Jen and she’ll definitely take care of you!!!

If you’d like me to photograph your fun family adventures let me know!!! I’m here to help you create amazing memories.

Even better, sign up for the membership to Ewa Samples Photography so you won’t have to miss on any photo opportunities through the entire year!

3-4_without silhuette

The Shy and The Playful {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

Many sessions, especially with small kids start like this one. Mom’s legs, dad’s arms, and no desire of smiling to the lady doing peek-a-boo from behind the camera. Often it doesn’t matter that we have already met a year ago and had super fun session. Young kids don’t remember, so each time we meet I need to build the trust with them all over again. And it’s actually exciting and fun, because you never know where it will take you at the end, how it is all going to turn.

It’s always important not to focus on the people/kids who are super easy to work with, in this case the Big Brother, who as soon as we started was very playful and goofy – photographers dream model.
What a great reward it is to turn a shy child, in this case Miss The Most Wonderful Eyelashes, into a playful, happy and chasing you (instead you chasing her) kid.
But don’t get me wrong. The points are not all on me, with a wonderful assistant and great parents who with joined power work hard behind my back (or with  an amazing dedication blow bubbles and throw the kids in the air) we all get it done.

Another year, another wonderful session! Can’t wait for next year already.


family_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto mom_and_daughter_san_jose_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos mom_and_daughter_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto mom_and_Dad_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photos_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_san_jose_cupertino kids_photography_san_jose_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photography_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos kids_photo_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_san_jose_cupertino family_session_san_francisco_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos family_session_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto family_session_bay_area_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto_cupertino_los_altos dad_and_daughter_photos_ideas_ewa_samples_photography_elizabeth_gamble_garden_palo_alto



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Fun Family Session {Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

You know it’s a good session when in the middle of it one of the parents says: “Now, Let’s do something fun”. They all deserve a standing ovation but most of all the white hair angel, who came to the session sick and despite of not feeling well, she simply rocked my socks off.


After the rain, the sun comes out {Lifestyle Family Photographer, San Jose, CA}

throwing leaves (1 of 1)

I am so much behind updating my blog here but living the life of a mom of two young children the inevitable thing, in this time of a year, had happened.  Both kids got sick at the same time and among doing lots of laundry and sleepless nights my last desire was to sit in front of the computer taking care of blog.

At the same time I almost lost hope for the opportunity to take my kids out to the Fall colors and fallen leaves. Day after day had passed by and it seemed like there is no end to their illness.

Finally after a short test walk two days ago, yesterday we went for a wonderful trip. The one I was hoping for since Fall has arrived. We played. Threw leaves. Got grumpy.
Life is good! 🙂


Beautiful Family in a Beautiful Gardens {Family Photography, San Jose, CA}

The session was nothing but fun. We had hats, neck ties, lolipops and bubbles, only our balloons flew away before we started shooting. We had quite fun time running around this wonderful place (Elisabeth Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto).

ewa samples portfolio (101 of 1)
Having two girls myself I always wonder (mostly after a session with boys involved) how would that be to have boys. Gosh, they can tired you out…