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Stanford Fall Family Session. {Lifestyle Family Photographer, Palo Alto, CA}

While I sit and edit last Saturday’s beautiful and colorful Fall session done at Stanford, and while getting reminders about my disc being full, I remembered I’ve never blogged about a session I had at Stanford almost exactly a year ago. The photographs are still sitting on my computer, so, it is a great opportunity to go back in time and catch up with some things.

This family was one of my very first clients back in the days, and I look at those times very fondly. Every year brings new people into my life and my business, but when I get a chance to work with those who have been with me since my very first year, I feel extremely happy. Also, each year brings new lessons and challenges, and during this particular session I had a chance to try my photography skills in a fog. I have to admit, it was exciting. But the weather did not prevent the family to have a really good time!

Stanford_Fall_Family_Session_Ewa Samples Photography

Stanford_Colorful_Family_Session_in_fog_Ewa Samples Photography

Stanford_Fall_Fun_Family_Session_Ewa Samples Photography

Stanford_Lifestyle_Family_Session_Ewa Samples Photography

Stanford_Fall_Family_Session_Ewa_Samples Photography


Palo_Alto_Fall_Family_Session_Ewa Samples Photography


Palo_Alto_Fall_Colorful_Family_Session_in_fog_Ewa Samples Photography

Stanford_Fall_Colorful_Family_Session_in_fog_Ewa Samples Photography

Stanford_Fall_Colorful_Family_Session_in_fog_and _rain_Ewa Samples Photography



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Life-Style Family Photo Session that will make you smile.

This life-style family photo session was a part of Mother’s Day Campaign in which we raised almost $600 for

Those 60 minutes were full of laughter, kisses, and “that’s sooooo embarrassing” phrases. For the entire time I was editing this session I had a big smile on my face. I love every single photo from this session.

I simply adore this age when kids (well I hope their won’t read this post as I think, they would’t like the fact I called them “kids”), are still kids, but they starting to act like they are not. Hugs and kisses from mom or dad in public are, oh, so embarrassing…

When they first hugged and I heard the “oh, it’s so embarrassing” and “ewwww”, I immediately though of ways to make it even more embarrassing. Just for the fun of it. So I asked them to kiss.

And that’s how the kissing marathon began. At the end I was told it felt like it was their wedding day again 🙂

Life-Style Family Photo Session ideas, los gatos, los altos-7

Life-Style Family Photo Session ideas, los gatos, los altos-8

Life-Style Family Photo Session-1

Life-Style Family Photo Session-2

Life-Style Family Photo Session-3

Life-Style Family Photo Session, san jose, los gatos-4

Life-Style Family Photo Session, san jose, los gatos-5

Life-Style Family Photo Session, san jose, los gatos-6

beautiful family photographs, san jose, ewa samples photography-9

fun family photographs, san jose, ewa samples photography-9231

siblings photo session ideas, san jose, ewa samples photography-9100

siblings photo session ideas, san jose, ewa samples photography-9129

siblings photo session ideas, san jose, ewa samples photography-9134

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