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I’m packing to Vegas but meantime {Day 8 of 15 Day Blog Challenge}

Yesterday I wrote about the ONE thing I want to focus on in the nearest future. And the one thing is to run my business while not allowing the business to run me. What that also means I want to make more time for personal life, projects, maybe trips.

Today is Day 8 of 15 Day Blog Challenge, and today’s topic is to list 3 major goals that will help me to achieve that ONE thing. It will be short, as tomorrow we are leaving for mommy and daddy weekend away in Vegas and I have packing to do. For that time I will take time off from this project.

So here we go:

Goal no. 1

I will get back to my regular yoga schedule as well as “me time”, like reading for example. 

It used to be 5 day a week. These days if I do something in the morning for 3o minutes twice a week I call it a success (but it’s not). I also miss a good book. Good science fiction one. Know any?

Yoga, ewa samples photography

Perfecting bridge pose from my vision board

Goal no. 2

I will do at least one PERSONAL photography related project every 3 months. 

Once in a while I will plan photography projects completely for my own pleasure.

Goal no. 3

I will get organized.

Organized my daily and weekly schedule for everything starting from “me time”, yoga, work, personal projects, networking. No more feeling like this:

lost, ewa samples photography-5

Don’t we all feel like that sometimes? Well, I am determined to feel less and less like it and more and more in peace.

Wish me luck!



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The ONE thing to focus on this year {Day 7 of 15 Day Blog Challenge}

Well, it took me 3 days to write this post. Not because I was lazy, but because I was thinking about the topic, and it happened to be pretty tough one.

For day 7 of 15 Day Blog Challenge we should write about this ONE think we are deciding to focus on this year. We need to pick one thing among many ideas, plans and visions for our future and focus on that.

As I thought about it I had several things listed which I would want to focus on this year. In personal life as well as in the business. I would definitely want to get organized. Like really organized. I would want to focus on creating a nice work space.

I would want to get back to my regular gym schedule. I want to go there every morning until it gets close to leave the house and all off the sudden I’m too busy and have many things way more important to do (which is not true, lets face it!).

I would want to cook more and make more healthy meals for my kids. Because sometimes they get a bowl of pretzels or chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

As I thought about it more and more I kept looking at my vision board I made at the beginning of this year.

My Vision Board

It feels like I have achieved probably 1/3 or a little more from the entire board. It helped me overcome fear of doing and doubtedness (is that even a word?) of dreaming big. Thanks to this board I found things I DON’T WANT to do (in business and in personal life).

But at some point I think, I took it too seriously. I’ve run myself to a point when I though I am dying. Yes, I really felt that. I visited several doctor offices and had several tests done on me. I was told I’m experiencing panic attacks. At another office I was sent to do tests for asthma.

Whatever that was, it’s gone now but I had experience two of the most scary weeks in my life.

And I realized that chasing for whatever I was chasing was not worth getting sick for. What was I chasing anyway?

Yes, my business is important to me. It is my third child, or wait, after the husband and two dogs it is my 6th child, actually. But as I don’t let my children run me, the same approach I want to take when it comes to the business.

And this is the ONE thing I will focus on this year.

[ctt title=”I will run my business I won’t let it run me!” tweet=”I will run my business I won’t let it run me!” coverup=”w7b9C”]

I want to enjoy my family and be present in our life. I want to turn off the computer and stop worrying about stuff I have not yet done but should have. Because is it really that important? Should I really stress about not posting on Facebook for 2 days or not blogging my sessions on time.

I want to enjoy the life as it is not the way I want it to be. The same with my business. I’ll always want more, be better, act wiser. But  I’ll never get my yesterday back, so why waste it on unhealthy acting and thinking.

[ctt title=”I want to dream big but also enjoy the reality as it is.” tweet=”I want to dream big but also enjoy the reality as it is.” coverup=”8e8w1″]

Like the whole situation of looking for a new place to live. It’s been frustrating and depressing on occasions but you know what… It is what it is and we will try to make the best out of it.

One more thing…
The husband’s asking why I’m writing those post for the challenge here. He’s curious who would want to read such stuff on a photographer’s blog. So if you read, let me know by commenting or liking. I’d like to show him that there are people interested in seeing a human face behind a business. Am I right? Well, I hope so.


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My tools to be more productive {Day 3 of the 15 Day Blog Challenge}

As some of you know, I am on the mission to finish the 15 Day Blog Challenge led by Natalie Sisson from “The Suitcase Entrepreneur“. I also started reading her book “The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Create freedom in business and adventure in life“. And I am sold on her vision of the dream life and career. The book took me to the day in which I packed my bag and left for an adventure to USA.


Anyway, today’s topic of the challenge is:

Which ONE tool are you going to use to become more productive?

Well, my first thought was, “does cup filled with black coffee count?”, but as I watched her video in witch she’s explaining the topic I got my answer… 😉

So, honestly I am a Google Everything kind of person. Before this assignment I actually didn’t think of it that much.

Beside a professional business software for keeping track of my clients and invoices looking at all the other things I use for my business and not only, they are almost all based on Google.

I use Google Forms to ask my clients for their feedback as well as for signing up to campaigns. I love it. It’s simple, and I don’t need to use any additional software on my computer or I don’t need to remember one more password. I also use Google Sheets and Google Drive. And of course Google Calendar for keeping reminders of my tasks, appointments and such.

Another tool, and I know we were asked for one, but this one deserves the mention here, is Canva. No matter if you’re a business owner of a parent who would like to add a twist to your Facebook or Instagram pictures, this is such a cool and easy to use tool. It saves me hours if I want to design an add for my newsletter or Facebook.

Like this image. Created on the spot for the purpose of this post with no need of opening Photoshop and trying to come up with an interesting design.

be samples Photography

So, if you want to get more productive with your creativity then Canva is the place to go!

Also log off from Facebook, like I did.

Have a wonderful day,

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