Thank you all for stopping by. As I promised, here is short pdf for all the participants of today’s meeting, with simple tips of how to take better pictures of your products. (click here or on the picture below to get access to the pdf)


Also, I’d like you to watch this short video of me editing a photograph on my  iPhone using my favorite editing app “Afterlight”. As much as this is not the best photograph ever taken with my phone, it simply shows you how much you can improve your photos by simple editing.


Do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of editing I did for this picture. You can do half of that and get awesome results.

At the end I highly recommend to read those two articles:

  1. 12 instagram communities for parents
  2. 5 Steps to take better pictures with your phone (this blog post was a base for your pdf, and some of the information repeats in there)


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