Not the PINTEREST perfect mini sessions for families around the Bay Area

You're not the biggest fan of the posed and the Pinterest perfect stuff?!?

- YES? Awesome!


- No? Well, it's good to try new things outside of your comfort zone sometimes, you know! 😉


If you can't see yourself trying to smile for the camera during a photo session this is perfect for you!


During this session you are going to have a hell lot of fun, be creative and playful (or serious) but with the emphasis on the real. You pick one or two fun activities your family enjoys to do during a day, and I'll be there to photograph the heck out of it! There will be no need for posing. You will laugh only because you feel like laughing. You will be serious because you feel like being serious. You (or your spouse) can even take a nap during this session. 


Pick an environment that has a real meaning to you and your family. Like your home or your favorite ice cream shop or the neighborhood playground... 


If it feels like these ideas speak to you then the day-in-life session is something you will love.


What's the Day-in-life-session?



It's a VERY documentary session. It simply shows a little bit of your regular life but through my lens, which always tends to be a little artsy on the edges.



A normal day in life sessions can be as long as your day is. The photographer moves in for a day and hangs out at your place.  And you know, you get the whole picture, the crying, and napping, the lazy tv watching and popcorn eating, the messy kitchen... 



I'm doing this model call because I want to work more with families that think

- real is cool! 


TODAY I'm inviting you to the DAY-IN-LIFE mini session which is quite shorter, and can focus on one or two sweet family activities you would want to keep as a memory forever. 


The morning light sipping throuhg your kitchen's window while the whole family is engaged in messy breakfast making, on a lazy Saturday morning.  


Packing the whole crew and heading to the beach. Inviting friends for a wine sipping and guitar or chess playing? Maybe as simple as a pillow fight or glow stick party... 


You are the boss here!!!


After you fill out the form on the top of the page, I'll contact you directly to schedule a call to chat about our plan. 


Since it's a special model call there is a special price of $385 for 25 images (regular price for package of 20 images is $715).  This model call is going to be available in April and May only. The sessions can be scheduled within 4 months from booking. 


If if you're not ready to book your session yet, signing up will give you access to any future specials, mini sessions and model calls I run through the year.


Thanks for stopping by! 



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