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Saratoga Smash Cake Session and Fall outdoor Family Portraits

This Smash Cake in one of my favorite locations in Saratoga was a crazy one. Normally a quiet place, this park turned into a corporate event on the day of our session.

saratoga smash cake session, ewa samples photography

I got to the location a little earlier. To my big surprise, what I saw is the entrance being blocked by a “corporate event” sign. Loud, live band music is playing. The park is swarmed with people. The scent of BBQ and grilled sausage is filling the air. And I’m panicking.

I called the client, explained what’s happening, and promised I’ll find a great solution to this before they get here.

I quickly started listing all the locations I knew in the area. And there is a few. However, the conclusion was simple. We didn’t have the time to make the drive to any of them before we would lose the gorgeous light. With a few minutes to spare, I went inside for a hunt for the best spot in the swarmed with people park. As I entered it, I realized, I know just the right place. I was not mistaken.

We were able to do the entire session without a single person bothering us on the back of the entire party. However, the smell of the bbq and grilled sausage was really hunting me the entire time. LOL

Saratoga Smash Cake Session

After the session, Kristen and her family gave me the best gift a photographer can get. A beautiful review:


AMAZING! Our family session was on Sunday night and it’s Tuesday and we already have our pictures! Ewa was great with our son and was able to improvise when the park where we were planning to have our session was closed! She knew there was a clearing, sort of in the woods, towards the back of the park and it was the perfect backdrop for our family session. The pictures are fantastic and I would recommend Ewa over and over!


If you’re ready to make some magic this Fall with me, grab this gift from me, and schedule your first session, TODAY! My weekend dates in September are booked however there is still time to create beautiful memories in October and November. Well, even December is cool, if you like to splash in puddles! 

1st birthday cake smash plus a sweet video. {San Jose Photographer}

HOW this session STARTED

1st birthday cake smash, Almaden, San Jose

I’m happy to say that this mama booked me because I was one of the very few photographers in the Bay Area who was offering video along with the photography from my sessions. I have to admit, it’s not easy to do both, but the love for making those videos is stronger than the difficulties.

So here we go…


The rest of the story

A few weeks ago, when the grass was still green here in the Bay Area, I had this oh-so-gorgeous 1st birthday cake smash session. This mama ordered a custom made dresses for both her and her baby girl from India just for the purpose of celebrating her little baby girl first year. While having a few phone consultations over the phone, I was able to convinced her to bring those dresses to the shoot. I am so glad she did!!!

1st birthday cake smash outfit ideas for girls _ ewa samples photography

During this session I could not stop talking about how impressed I am with this baby girl for not taking her headband off. Haha. I know little babies, and I know the most tricky part of dressing them for a photo shoot is to make them wear a headband or a hat. She did not mind it at all. Through the entire session it was like she didn’t have anything on her head. Her mom mentioned that this is not her normal behavior and normally she takes off anything they put on her within a few seconds. So, it looks like we got super lucky for this photo shoot.

Well, I think we got double lucky, because once rescheduled this session was done two days after we had quite a lot of rain falling from the sky… For days…

So, cheers to double luck, and amazing 1st birthday celebration!!!


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Magical Smash Cake Saratoga San Jose

Magical smash cake Saratoga San Jose


Prior to this magical smash cake (well, it was magical for me) session we met twice. And I think, because of that experience I’m going to write a piece about the importance of being able to meet your photographer in non stressful environment before your session. But that can wait a few days 🙂

Also I feel like I should call all my session magical, because I feel like after each session I’m richer in something indescribable.

Anyway, during our first meeting little K. gave me a high five. And what I learned after that, she’s never high fived anybody else than her dad before. How cool is that?

The second time we met, it was for a location scouting, at the location covered with geese poo. Yeah. You guessed it right. We didn’t go with that location 😉

When we settled for what seemed to be the best location for what little K.’s mom envisioned, there was still a little of worries about the b-day girls itself. She’s very shy, and her favorite spot is her mom’s lap or her dad’s arms.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m always trying to ensure families that no matter what, we will get beautiful photographs, and the last thing I expect from the kids is to be perfectly perfect. That would be so totally boring. And so totally fake.

During this session, the shyness did not vanished from the b-day girl. While I was calmly moving around Little K. firmly holding on to her mom, the only sound around was the click of my camera. I loved how natural she was looking. She was intrigue with me, she was peeking curiously at my camera, but also she was very glad she can have her parents around, and that she can dive into their arms whenever she felt like.

The most funny part is, she made her mom and dad enjoy the cake with her. BTW, this cake was made by her parents, passionate bakers!

At the end, all covered in the chocolate frosting and water, we made the best use out of the beautiful setting sun.

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from this session:



3-4_without silhuette

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Half Moon Bay Smash Cake Photographer. “Smash Cake on the beach”

Maybe it was the Half Moon Bay beach, because I always get overexcited for beach sessions. Or maybe it was the smash cake on the beach idea. Or maybe the fact to be working again with a family that I’ve worked with several times since the little one was born. Maybe it was all of it put together. Probably. It all came together nicely. Even the 8:30 in the morning worked out pretty good for us.

Each time I have a session with them I go home with a huge grin on my face, and this time wasn’t any different. How could I not to, look at them…

But if that wasn’t enough, after this session we’ve decided to work together again. This upcoming weekend is our Holiday Mini-Session Party at this mama’s home, and we are super excited about it.


But back to our last session… Here are the cuties:
















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How to do a cake smash session {Cake Smash Photographer, San Jose, CA}

This post is for professional photographers as well as for parents who consider hiring/doing 1st b-day cake smash for their little one. In a few simple steps I will tell you how to do a cake smash session, and succeed with it.

Cake smash is not about posing, it’s not about the right outfit, or the perfect location. It is about fun and mess, and celebration of your little one turning ONE! It is one-of-a-kind session, and I highly recommend doing it with your kids.

I won’t lie to you.

Cake smash sessions are not the most complex and hard to do. They are super fun, and they can be done in a comfort of your own home. No matter if you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, theses few simple tricks will help you to get the best out of this session.

If you’re prepared the right way, they are not even that messy. If you’re hiring a photographer, it is good if he/she can come to your home, so you’re close to the bathtub after the session is done.

cake smash session san jose-1

 cake smash session san jose-6

1. The best time to do the cake smash session.

DEFINITELY MORNING, right before breakfast.

It is good to feed you lil one a very small meal before the session. The more hungry the baby is the more likely he/she is to dig into the cake! Also sleepy and cranky babies equal disaster, no matter what activity we are trying to do with them. Our little ones go through stages of up and downs during the day. It is the best thing to pick the right time. If your baby is most likely to be happy after his afternoon nap then do the session at that time.

2. The cake.

CAKE IS IMPORTANT, but don’t let it to take away from the whole experience. Don’t forget that it’s your little one who is in the focus not the cake.

If the cake is too sweet, it’s guaranteed the baby will not want to eat it. Most store-bought cakes are too sweet for such small kids to enjoy it.

Also the frosting should be soft so the baby is encouraged to dig deeper. The softer the better.

cake smash session san jose-10

cake smash session san jose-5

3. Decorations

Cake smash session can be done anywhere. Studio, your home, your back yard, public park. I like simple decorations that you can get at any party supplies store or etsy. Color coordinated set up is recommended. You can use you wall as a background, and get a plexiglass sheet from a store for the floor, or vinyl flooring from Home Depot. If you already have a hard wood floor then non of these are necessary.

smash cake photography, san jose -1

4. Team work

No matter if you’re hiring a professional or doing it yourself, cake smash is a team work. One is taking pictures while all the participants try to encourage the baby to eat the cake or encourage him to smile.

Often the baby will burst into tears or simply will want to leave the scene without even trying the cake. Do not give up. Try to encourage him/her to have a bite. Cut it for him/her if necessary. Engage into a game of digging in. In the past I had a baby who didn’t want to touch the cake, but was ok with digging in with a fork. Get creative with it.

You must know that situation is new to your baby, and he/she needs some help to understand it.

cake smash session san jose-2

cake smash session san jose-3

cake smash session san jose-4

5. Don’t hesitate to use tricks

Remember, during cake smash session your baby is put into a totally new situation. Not only he/she is presented with a overpowering flavor of sugar, sugar, sugar, he/she also is not sure if all of the sudden he is allow to get so dirty and messy and just go for it. Let encourage the baby to eat the cake by sneaking a favorite food into the cake, for example, small pieces of banana 🙂

cake smash session san jose-11

cake smash session san jose-7

cake smash session san jose-9

cake smash session san jose-12

cake smash session san jose-13

cake smash session san jose-14

6. Bathtub

Cake smash without sweet bathtub photos is not a complete session. Don’t forget to finish your session with some water and bubble bath 🙂 Make it playful and relaxing, your baby worked hard for this.

cake smash session san jose-15


cake smash session san jose-16



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5 reasons why you should join Mother’s Day Mini Session with Ewa Samples Photography, Bay Area Family Photographer (Reason no.1)

Reason no. 1 why you should join my Mother’s Day Mini Session:

We will be helping in saving lives through! Simple! 40% of my entire profit is going to this organization!!!


Being honest with you I think we shouldn’t need any reasons to want to help people. I know that sometimes we do not have the resources, or the time, or the energy, or we simply don’t know how to do it. I felt that way for a long time. I knew I wanted to help and to be involved with organizations that help other people. I finally found a way to do it and at the same time include more people in it, not only myself.

If you feel the same way I felt, this Mother’s Day Mini Session is the way to go. You don’t have to do anything else, just show up and look stunning! I will even be able to help you with a professional make up artist waiting for you at the location of the mini session.

Why do I want to do it, you might ask.

Well, I am a Family Photographer, wife, dog owner, coffee and green smoothie addict, but most of all I AM A MOTHER. If you’d like, head over to my post published at World Moms Blog “I could have been anything, but I am a mother first, to read more personal words about my feelings when it comes to being a mother. 

I am also a lucky mother, because thanks to modern medicine, knowledge and technology, I was able to give birth to two wonderful, beautiful and very unique girls. If I didn’t have that I probably wouldn’t even be here today. There are people out in this world who don’t have the knowledge, proper training or access to modern medicine to support them or other women through pregnancy, during and after childbirth. There are women out there who are not as lucky as I was. Being a part of such a community as World Moms Blog, from where I know Kristyn (founder of, has shown me that as much as we differ from each other, we mothers are here with a mission: to provide our children with a better future, with happiness, with understanding of this world, no matter the religion, political views, culture or country we live in, we are here for our children and their protection. I was lucky to have my children. Some women are not as lucky. I want to help to change that! And this is why I decided to contribute to such a great cause as CleanBirth.

mother's day mini session 1

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Pinkalicious First B-Day Smash Cake {Family Photographer, Los Altos, CA}

If I had to pick which sessions are my favorite I probably would pick “smash cake”. They are simply adorable. No matter if the kid is into it, or not. They are so sweet and fun. They always make my day.

My adventure with this family started exactly a year ago, several days after their No. 2 was born. I say “an adventure” because, really, sessions with them are filled with great experience. In the last 12 months we’ve had 4 sessions and I consider myself a lucky gall to be able to photograph this wonderful family and the way they grow together.

As a New Year wish, well, I wish myself many more sessions with them! That’s it.

Happy Birthday, Sweet M.

I wish you many more smiles like the one you gave us when you saw your b-day cake coming!!!

pink_girl_smash_cake_bay_area_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_fremont_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_Los_Altos_ewa_samples-1 pink_girl_smash_cake_Los_Altos_ewa_samples-2 pink_girl_smash_cake_los_gatos_california_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_los_gatos_california_ewa_samples-9 pink_girl_smash_cake_los_gatos_california_ewa_samples-10 pink_girl_smash_cake_redwood_city_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_san_jose_cupertino_ewa_samples-3 pink_girl_smash_cake_san_jose_cupertino_ewa_samples-4




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1st Birthday Smash Cake {Smash Cake Photographer, San Jose, CA}

It always amazes me how careful and unsure about the cake kids are at first.
If somebody would have put a whole cake in front of me and said: “go ahead! It’s all yours!”, I would not think twice. Would you?

It also fun when parents or siblings get involved into the whole cake eating, or smashing on each other… This time we had a Big Brother lending a hand…

boy_smash_cake_cupertino_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-1 boy_smash_cake_cupertino_mountain_view_family_photographer_ewa_samples-1 boy_smash_cake_cupertino_mountain_view_family_photographer_ewa_samples-2 boy_smash_cake_redwood_city_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-1 boy_smash_cake_redwood_city_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-2 boy_smash_cake_redwood_city_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-3 boy_smash_cake_San_Jose_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-1 boy_smash_cake_San_Jose_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-2 boy_smash_cake_San_Jose_los_gatos_family_photographer_ewa_samples-3



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1st B-day Cake Smash {Kids Photography, San Jose, CA}


This was a super fun session. Not only because the Little One after a few minutes of warming up simply GOT IT and WENT FOR IT, but also, because his parents WENT FOR IT, too!
What a mess we all made, but I think it was worth it.


Happy 1st B-day {Cake Smash Session, Mountain View, CA}

cake smash-1

What could be a better way to celebrate my first year in business if not this session. As I was starting, a little confused, scared of what the future will bring, and scared of every single session I went to, I got nothing but encouragement from all my first clients. This family wasn’t any different! When I met this little guy for the first time he was only 4 days old, and he was the most calm and sleeping through the entire session baby – a newborn all newborn photographers hope for when they go to a session like that.

This time I met him for his 1st b-day. It was sweet and unbelievably cute. So many times during the session I just wanted to stop and hug this little guy!!!