Best place to visit and shop this weekend in Sonoma County

Few days ago me and my kids had an awesome time visiting a friend who lives up North. We had one day trip with the kids and I kind of fell in love in that place. The City of Petaluma – best place to visit and shop in Sonoma County, especially this upcoming weekend. Why? Because they will be having an amazing sales (their approach to Black Friday). So if you’re planning your family session this year, well, Petaluma is filled with unique boutiques with beautiful wardrobe, and if I had known I’ll be writing a blog post about it I would probably had taken a few photos of those boutiques. But I didn’t, so you just have to believe me 🙂

Take my word for it, you will find some beautiful outfits for the entire family!


This place has very historical feeling to it. Many of the old buildings have been re-purposed into retail, and it’s great to just walk around.


Isinde this old mill there are stores and offices. Very cool place!



best places to visit and shop in sonoma county

the Balshaw Bridge


I’ve heard Metallica played in this theater years and years ago.


The sales have already (partially) started so I simply couldn’t resist and lost myself in a “yarn store”. Got out of there a few more cashmere yarn balls richer.



Along the shopping it is also a wonderful place to just walk around, have a lunch and relax.











During our trip we got very lucky because we not only had our tour guide but we also were fed with some delicious home cooked food, and my kids got to bake cakes and cupcakes! The best trip ever.

visiting petaluma california-1

best places to visint and shop in sonoma county-2

best places to visint in sonoma county-1





So, if you still don’t have any plans for this week, well, Petaluma is a place to consider for sure. And here is address to a free public parking:

169 C St, 

Petaluma, CA

from there you can easily walk to all the places on the pictures above.

Have fun!


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