San Jose Portrait Mini-Session and the most gorgeous light!

This San Jose Portrait Mini-Session had the most gorgeous light!

but that’s not enough. That is never enough.

The light is quite a big part of a successful session. However, if the people I work with come with the open and relaxed attitude that moves the light to a second place. Also, I would highly recommend for everybody to find a photographer you like and like to work with and stick with her (or him). Because the more comfortable you get during the session the more wonderful photographs you’ll be able to create. On both sides, as a photographer and as a client 🙂

Since I started my business, C. and her family has been with me. Every single year we would meet during our sessions and chat about photography, and our kids. Every single time, we meet, I’m like “look at your Little Ones, they are getting so big”, and she responds: “look at yours! I’ve watched them grow through all the pictures on FB”. I always get crazy over her hair: “OMG, your hair is just amazing”, and she is, “well, look at your daughter hair, JUST WOW”. And we go on and on the entire session 😉

San Jose Portrait Mini-Session

C. is alway full of praises about my older daughter’s hair, however, look at what she has herself!!! It’s just breathtaking. She comes to the session in a bun, and I always say, “please let the hair down!!!” From each session with her I come home with bunch of new shots I immediately add to my portfolio, and to the folder with pictures to use on my new business cards.

Our last session, could be probably done in 10 minutes, but we spent most of the time chatting about photography while the kids played. She finally got to meet my Little Ones in person, and the kids immediately made friends. This was the cutest thing ever.

Can wait for our next session in a month or so… 🙂

3-4_without silhuette

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