San Jose Mustard Fields Mini Session

San Jose Mustard Fields Mini Session

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Long Story Short:

Last year, this session (my first and only), was done while in the background a huge tractor was cutting the breathtaking field of mustard flowers. While waiting for my client to arrive to the location I was tortured watching the field getting smaller and smaller in front of me. And, although I had two more sessions scheduled for that location I had to cancel them. The field was gone by the time I was done with this little fairy.

This year, learning from my mistake, I’m well prepared and my February calendar is getting pretty packed for mustard fields (before they will be cut). We are going to create amazing things in there. I can’t wait to start.

San Jose


San Jose Mustard Fields Mini Session Details

I want to book this mini-session. What next?

First you need to fill out this form. Also, to secure your spot a session retainer of $129 is required via PayPal. After the retainer is paid, I will contact you with all the information about what spots are available and with details about the location and how to get there, as well as you will receive outfits ideas and recommendations. You will also get access to online pdf with a full catalog of all my products.

What do I get from this mini-session?

You will receive $85 of print credit toward your purchase.

You will receive an option to purchase your personalized photo products on a vast variety of unique medium. Bamboo prints, Fine Art Prints, Prints on Metal and Wood, just to call a few.

Option to create a personalized painting made out your photographs will be available only on size of medium 16×20 and bigger.

This option is one of a kind and very rare. It will create the center piece in your home that brings the most attentions and many WOWs! Seriously!

San Jose Mustard Fields Kids Photography

Click on the picture to see the painting better

How do I purchase my photographs ?

After the session we will meet in person and I will present you your photographs in a printed form (prints in 5×7 size). I will bring some of the products I offer and you will have the opportunity to touch them and see them in person. During that meeting you will order your products in whatever form you’d like them to be displayed at your home.

Beautiful Prints on Metal

Will I be able to get the digital files?

Yes. All the purchased products will come with a digital copy of the photograph used on the product. For example, you get 20×20 canvas with a collage of 6 photos on it. With that collage you will also receive 6 digital copies of the photographs used on the canvas to share on social media or with a family and friends. 

Also, there will be a flat fee of $450 to purchase a package of 5×7 prints that comes with 10 digital copies printable to 5×7.

In a few words this mini-session costs $129, and you’ll get:

  • $85 print credit
  • 30 minutes session
  • option to purchase additional photo products

Have any more questions regardless this offer?

email me at ewasamples(at)

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