Pinkalicious First B-Day Smash Cake {Family Photographer, Los Altos, CA}

If I had to pick which sessions are my favorite I probably would pick “smash cake”. They are simply adorable. No matter if the kid is into it, or not. They are so sweet and fun. They always make my day.

My adventure with this family started exactly a year ago, several days after their No. 2 was born. I say “an adventure” because, really, sessions with them are filled with great experience. In the last 12 months we’ve had 4 sessions and I consider myself a lucky gall to be able to photograph this wonderful family and the way they grow together.

As a New Year wish, well, I wish myself many more sessions with them! That’s it.

Happy Birthday, Sweet M.

I wish you many more smiles like the one you gave us when you saw your b-day cake coming!!!

pink_girl_smash_cake_bay_area_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_fremont_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_Los_Altos_ewa_samples-1 pink_girl_smash_cake_Los_Altos_ewa_samples-2 pink_girl_smash_cake_los_gatos_california_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_los_gatos_california_ewa_samples-9 pink_girl_smash_cake_los_gatos_california_ewa_samples-10 pink_girl_smash_cake_redwood_city_ewa_samples-5 pink_girl_smash_cake_san_jose_cupertino_ewa_samples-3 pink_girl_smash_cake_san_jose_cupertino_ewa_samples-4




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