Photography Workshop For Moms

8 years ago I had attended a photography class that was supposed to be designed for DSLR owners as well as those who use soaps on the ropes (long for Point&Shoot). In real life whenever the teacher talked about DSLR’s the Point&Shoot owners couldn’t relate to anything it was said. And vice versa. So half of the time half of the class was sitting clueless and bored. Also the class participants were from very mixed backgrounds. We had people who claimed they used to sell their photography for living (in which case I was not sure why would they take such class), as well as people who had no idea how to turn on their Point&shoot cameras. There was a big gap between all the participants and most of them were falling way behind while others were way ahead.

This workshop is all what the other class was not. Even if you want to master your phone photos you will be as much of an active participant in this class as those who use DSLR’s. Even the topic about lens choices will include those who shoot with phones!!!

Let me present you a Photography Workshop specially crafted around teaching moms to document their and their family life through every-day-life photography.

This year is big! First Mother’s Day Special that was very successful in raising money for Then Breastfeeding Project which was my dream for years.

Now this, photography workshop for you, wonderful mom, to empower you even more in rock-and-rolling motherhood.

This will be a class for beginners who want to understand their cameras. It doesn’t matter if you use DSLR, Point&Shoot, iPhone. This class is for you if you’re tired and frustrated with getting too blurry, too bright, too dark, or simply not interesting photographs of your kids, pets, food that you love to cook/bake, you name it.

Maybe you want to become more artistic with your photography. This class is for you.

Or maybe you want to learn strictly technical information that will help you master your camera settings in all kinds of situations. This class is for you as well.

I will share easy lighting and composition tips that will make a big impact on your images. You’ll receive a pdf with all the tips and photography cheat sheets I have gathered over the years, so that you can come back to it on your own time and continue to practice and learn after the workshop.

During the workshop snacks and drinks will be provided for you. We will have time for learning the theory as well as we will practice in natural light environment. The workshop space is a natural light studio so it will imitate the space of your home – you will be ready to take better pictures right after you get home.


There is a limit of 9 students per each workshop! So grab your spot till it lasts for this early birds discounted price of $115, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Please use this form below to sign up for the workshop. If this doesn’t work for you then use this link . In case if you’d like to participate but any of those dates fit your schedule please sign up though the form but let me know in the form’s “comments” area which month/exact date would work better for you.


With any additional questions please email me at ewasamples(at)


Hope to see you soon,

Your Family Photographer

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