Mother’s Day Mini Session San Jose (Limited Edition)


Second year  in a row I’m partnering with to bring awareness and raise money for mothers and their children in a part of the world where access to hygiene and clean birthing equipment or even awareness about this issue is very small.

Last year, we’ve created a campaign “Save your memories, and save lives”

We will be helping in saving lives through, an organization with a mission to make birth safer in Laos, where maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world. They provide birthing supplies and training for nurses. This year CleanBirth have added 13 clinics and a hospital to the 31 clinics they already serve!!! Only $5 can save a mother and a child! We will be giving them much more. 

Mother's Day Campaign San Jose

Click the picture to get to the pdf with pricing

This year $99 from each session is going to

Sometimes we do not have the resources, or the time, or the energy, or we simply don’t know how to join a great cause, and help those who need our help. I felt that way for a long time. I knew I wanted to help and to be involved with organizations that help other people.

Why do I want to do it, you might ask.

Well, I am a Family Photographer, wife, dog owner, coffee and green smoothie addict, but most of all I AM A MOTHER. If you’d like, head over to my post published at World Moms Blog “I could have been anything, but I am a mother first“, to read more personal words about my feelings when it comes to being a mother.

I am also a lucky mother, because thanks to modern medicine, knowledge and technology, I was able to give birth to two wonderful, beautiful and very unique girls. If I didn’t have that I probably wouldn’t even be here today. (In both cases I had a c-section).

There are people out in this world who don’t have the knowledge, proper training or access to modern medicine to support them or other women through pregnancy, during and after childbirth. There are women out there who are not as lucky as I was. Being a part of such a community as World Moms Blog, from where I know Kristyn (founder of, has shown me that as much as we differ from each other, we mothers are here with a mission: to provide our children with a better future, with happiness, with understanding of this world, no matter the religion, political views, culture or country we live in, we are here for our children and their protection. I was lucky to have my children. Some women are not. I want to help to change that, at least a little! And this is why I decided to contribute to such a great cause as CleanBirth.

Join the cause!

Read about this offer in the campaign’s PDF. If you’d like to be a part of this campaign as a business owner, please let me know, and we still can add you to the vendor’s list!!!

With any questions please contact me at

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