Which ONE distraction would you be willing to remove from your day? {Day 4 of the 15 Day Blog Challenge}

no facebook today, ewa samples photography

No matter if you’re a business owner or a parent who juggles a busy life full of kids, pets, and you name it, we all get distracted by things. These days more then ever.

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Here is my story:

This morning as I open my email to remind myself what the topic is for day 4 of my 15 Day Blog Challenge, I also checked Facebook and Instagram. I have to admit, I lost almost an hour from my day after I got on FB. Again.

I get up every single day and I tell myself I won’t be there (on FB) for long, only to check the likes, respond to comments, quickly scroll through the feed, and leave. Yeah, right. You know how that ends. Every Single Time.

Just as I started writing this post I got lost in Facebook for about 10 minutes after I saw one notification popping up. Ugh.

I have contemplated the option to remove FB app from my phone for sometime now. Today’s topic “What ONE distraction are you going to remove from your daily life?” for the blog challenge was like a gift.

Not only I compare what I see on there to what I have or don’t have, how many followers I have and how many the other photographer has, etc, but I get so distracted by it (aren’t we all?), it’s just crazy.

So after I saw what the challenge topic is I decided to do an experiment. I didn’t block it. I did’t remove it. I simply logged out and decided not to log in for 5 hours. I put my phone away in a place that I didn’t see it but could hear it in case if someone called.

You won’t believe how much work I was able to do. Almost all mammas who participated in my mini-sessions during last Sunday’s South Bay La Leche League  “Live, Love, Latch” event received their pictures before 1pm today. AND I did the laundry (didn’t fold it though 😉 )

[ctt title=”I didn’t use or look at Facebook for about 5 hours today, and I’m so happy about it I even created a hashtag to celebrate  #ididnfbtoday. ” tweet=”So, I didn’t use or look at Facebook for about 5 hours today. I’m so happy I even created a hashtag to celebrate  #ididnfbtoday. ” coverup=”84zMb”]

I think I’ll keep using it to post pictures on Instagram of what I was able to achieve during the time of not using Facebook at all, because that’s already decided, I am going to log out of this platform for several hours a day, every single day for the next 11 days (at least).

Are you in?


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My tools to be more productive {Day 3 of the 15 Day Blog Challenge}

As some of you know, I am on the mission to finish the 15 Day Blog Challenge led by Natalie Sisson from “The Suitcase Entrepreneur“. I also started reading her book “The Suitcase Entrepreneur. Create freedom in business and adventure in life“. And I am sold on her vision of the dream life and career. The book took me to the day in which I packed my bag and left for an adventure to USA.


Anyway, today’s topic of the challenge is:

Which ONE tool are you going to use to become more productive?

Well, my first thought was, “does cup filled with black coffee count?”, but as I watched her video in witch she’s explaining the topic I got my answer… 😉

So, honestly I am a Google Everything kind of person. Before this assignment I actually didn’t think of it that much.

Beside a professional business software for keeping track of my clients and invoices looking at all the other things I use for my business and not only, they are almost all based on Google.

I use Google Forms to ask my clients for their feedback as well as for signing up to campaigns. I love it. It’s simple, and I don’t need to use any additional software on my computer or I don’t need to remember one more password. I also use Google Sheets and Google Drive. And of course Google Calendar for keeping reminders of my tasks, appointments and such.

Another tool, and I know we were asked for one, but this one deserves the mention here, is Canva. No matter if you’re a business owner of a parent who would like to add a twist to your Facebook or Instagram pictures, this is such a cool and easy to use tool. It saves me hours if I want to design an add for my newsletter or Facebook.

Like this image. Created on the spot for the purpose of this post with no need of opening Photoshop and trying to come up with an interesting design.

be samples Photography

So, if you want to get more productive with your creativity then Canva is the place to go!

Also log off from Facebook, like I did.

Have a wonderful day,

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My Most Important Action during the next 15 days {Day 2 of the 15 Day Blog Challenge}

For Day 2 of our 15 Day Blog Challenge we are to describe ONE most important action we will focus on during the next 15 days. Well, mine is quite clear. It is to deliver the awesomeness of breastfeeding portraits to all the mammas who participated in last Sunday mini-sessions. The event was organized by La Leche League USA and I partnered with LLL South Bay and donated 2 hours of mini-sessions to this project. I had 8 mammas in front of my camera that day and it was wonderful.

breastfeeding mini-session, ewa samples photography-1

There will be also a short and sweet movie from the mini-sessions and I can’t wait to put it together. So, yes, not like yesterday, today is short, because I have to get back to editing.


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