Breastfeeding Special San Jose

Breastfeeding Special, San Jose Family Photographer

Breastfeeding Session Special

For documenting those special bonding moments between You and Your Little One Ewa Samples Photography and La Leche League Partnered again.

Last year I had a tremendous pleasure to work with some of the breastfeeding moms from La Leche League South Bay, during the annual potluck in Cupertion.


This year, we partnered again, to create something special for all the breastfeeding moms. Part of the profit will be donated to LLL South Bay.

Because I’d like to accommodate as many moms as possible, I’m going to hold this special for several days. Please fill out the form to secure your spot. After you fill it, you will receive a PayPal invoice to pay the full session fee.

The session location (click on the link to see very recent photographs from that location), is in San Jose. Detailed directions will be provided to all the participants, as well as Pinterest board with ideas how to dress for the session.

Within two weeks from the session, we will meet again, and you’ll be presented with chosen and carefully edited photographs in person. During our second meeting, you will be able to use your print credit towards any products, prints, or digital files. 

Breastfeeding Special San Jose

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