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My family and I are always searching for ways we can give back to our community. Lately, the political and social environment involving police officers all over the country has become very tense. Communities all over the country, including our own here in the Silicon Valley, seem to have all become polarized into two groups – those who back the “blue”, and those who support the criminals we ask our police officers to face for us.

My family and I stand firmly in the group that supports our local law enforcement officers – We strongly believe that blue lives matter! I want to do something more than just expressing it online, or putting a thin blue line sticker on our vehicles, or a yellow ribbon on our mailbox, so I’ve decided to offer a substantial discount on my services and products for our local police officers in an effort to show my support for them.

This offer isn’t limited to police officers – We also value our local firefighters, and our armed forces, so firemen, active duty service members, and active members of the National Guard and Reserve are all being offered this discount.

My life has been touched personally by each of these groups: My husband is a former police officer and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and our family was evacuated last summer (2016) during the Uvas Creek Fire. This discount is my way of saying Thank you for the sacrifices you make for us every day when you put on that uniform and go to work, and the sacrifices your spouses make when you leave your family to protect mine.

Any police officer (as defined by the LEOSA), any publicly employed fireman, any member of the US Armed Forces (Active, Guard, Reserve, and Coast Guard), or their spouses qualify for this special discounted price.

There are several different offers for you to choose from… Or use them all! When you contact me please don’t forget to use the promo code BLUE LIVES MATTER in the subject of your email.

This discount isn’t all we’re doing: We also vote! We are urging Zoe Lofgren to oppose H.R. 622, and we’ll be watching for and lobbying Rep Lofgren to oppose any other legislation that hurts our police officers, firefighters, or our military service members. If you have any information on how we can help with that, organizations we can volunteer to help or contribute or help solicit donations for, please let us know. We are eager to help in any way we can.

Blue Lives Matter | San Jose & Morgan Hill Family Photographer


VALENTINE’S DAY PORTRAIT PLAY DATE or any other portrait play date I organize during the year

Show up and receive 25% off for any purchase you decide to make after the play date. You can find all the details about the event here. If you subscribe to my Facebook events you will be informed about any new portrait play dates, as soon as they are created!

Portrait Play Dates are great to “check me out”, if yo haven’t work with me before, and would like to meet me before you book a full session. They are also great for a family activity that has an interesting twist to it. EVEN HUSBAND DON’T MIND COMING TO THOSE PLAYDATES AND PARTICIPATE (which can get pretty challenging when we talk about full one hour family

I’ve always wanted to create a fun outdoor event where some of my clients and their kids can get together and socialize. But being who I am, always snapping pictures wherever I go, I decided to add a little twist to those playdates and offer super relaxed mini-sessions at the same time. Those play dates are even better then mini-sessions all photographers offer out there. They are risk-free because there is no fee to attend. As well as participants can only purchase whatever pictures they like via online gallery delivered to them after the playdate, with no minimum purchase requirement.

valentine's day mini-session


RECEIVE 40% OFF any regular priced session in February and March

RECEIVE 30% OFF for sessions done from April through September 31st

I highly recommend booking your session as soon as possible, even if you plan to do it sometime in the Fall. That way, you will be assured you have a spot for a session with me this year.


February and March and beginning of April are the best months to get your session in the fields of yellow!!! These are perfect for “Mommy and Me” sessions or the intimate breastfeeding sessions.

As we get into the mids of the year, I’m getting pretty booked, so PLEASE use this offer as soon as possible to secure your spot, even if only to schedule your session for months ahead of us.

Booking your session today will get you a lower price than booking it after May. Each year, around May and June my prices go a little higher. Your discount will be applied to whatever current prices I have.

In addition to those specials, you can earn $60 towards your session if you refer me to a friend who books a full session with me. These are unlimited. The more friends the more you’ll earn!!!


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Additional $50 travel fee  will be added for sessions in San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz. 
Additional $100 travel fee will be added to sessions requested in East Bay Area, San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.
No travel fee for sessions in Morgan Hill and Gilroy.
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