Annual Membership to Ewa Samples Photography equals
GREAT VALUE for less in one package!


 STOP looking for a new photographer every single time you need pictures!!!
Have access to variety of sessions through the entire year!!!
Enjoy SPECIAL prices on additional purchases!!!
Build an amazing relationship with your Family Photographer

The membership has become the most adored option among my clients! And why wouldn’t it?!?!?

It’s awesome!!! 😍😃

This package has the power to turn one year of your family’s life into something magical!

It gives you the opportunity to participate in mini-sessions and playdates for no additional charge!

It gives you access to promotional prices of 30% off on any additional purchases.

I asked Shayla, who just booked her 2nd year of the annual membership with me, about what she thinks about this option:

When our family moved to the Bay Area we went about three years without family pictures because we didn’t know anyone in the area. As I started to get to know people I noticed one friend who always had awesome family pictures. She seriously had new cute pictures every few months! She told me about Ewa and recommended the membership because it’s the best deal and you get pictures all year round. I’m so happy we did the membership! I think it really gives you a chance to capture family moments and show your families personality because you have several photo shoots with an incredible photographer! The membership allows you to explore so many awesome locations and creative ideas. For us we did pictures at Halloween, Christmas, and Easter and it was perfect!

mother’s day mini session san jose_ewa samples photography-3
Halloween Family Session
annual membership to ewa samples photography-1
annual membership to ewa samples photography-3
annual membership to ewa samples photography-2
annual membership to ewa samples photography-4


Inside the Annual Membership to Ewa Samples Photography

  • 2 sessions, within 12 months from your first session. (regular price $512 for each full session, 20 images included)
  • From each session you’ll receive 25 high resolution digital photographs, with the option to purchase more files or/and wall art, (one regular session includes 20 images)
  • mini-sessions with up to 10 high resolution digital photographs, (regular price $273 for mini-session with 5 images)
  • portrait play dates with up to 10 high resolution digital photographs, (regular price for single image from a play date is $50).
  • 30% off additional purchases, if you decide to purchase anything else after the session

wedding anniversary-3
san jose headshot photographer, ewa samples photography-1
san jose family photographer, ewa samples photography-1
 Use it for regular family sessions
Use it for Beautiful Mommy & Me 
Stop by my Free portrait playdates
Be the first one to know about mini-sessions and other specials 
How does it work?
  • Pay one time payment of $999,
  • Schedule your first session,
  • Stay tuned for my emails reminding you about the possibilities to use the membership,
  • Subscribe to my Facebook events to get notified about portrait playdates, (so you can attend and have fun with us),
  • If for some reason you miss the Facebook event, I always remind my clients about portrait playdates, mini-sessions and specials via newsletter,
  • Enjoy a collection of amazing photos from the whole year,
  • Repeat!



And you can read about Halloween Portrait Playdate to see what the Portrait Playdate is all about.

The opportunities to use the membership are amazing. You can mix it through the year, and use it for full session, mix of portrait playdates and mini-sessions, or give a part of it as a gift to a friend or a family member!

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