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Morgan Hill, San Jose, Bay Area Lifestyle and Studio Photographer & Videographer.

I’m here to prove you that you’re a beautiful work of art!

Your family is unique and beautiful the way it is. Therefore you deserve to be cherished and celebrated! There is art in everyday life, and I’m here to help you see it!

I strongly believe as parents we don’t celebrate ourselves enough. We tend to hide away from family pictures or any kind of pictures in general. We tend to feel insecure and we rather focus on the kids. We are in this race to achieve perfection, to provide more for our children, to look better, to have more. In this race, we forget that we are perfect the way we are, and WE ARE ENOUGH with the things we owe and the looks we’ve got today!

YOU are beautiful. YOUR family is beautiful. Today, not tomorrow. At this moment, not after you lose 10 pounds.

You are a work of art.

 If you don’t see it, I’m here to help you see it!

You are unique. Your husband is unique.

Because there isn’t anybody out there just like YOU.

And your kids are one of a kind.

You’re created by life’s strokes and splashes. 

Your body is your biography! Celebrate it!!!

As a family you are a mix of all sorts of crayons from different packages, yet, you all fit together perfectly. LET’S SHOW IT!

I don’t look for perfection in you or your family. I look for real because real is the most precious thing you can give to your future self and your children!

I call myself a Family Portrait Photographer, because I tend to focus my camera on the entire family most of the time.

Weather during maternity, newborn, breastfeeding, or you and your pet session… most of my pictures include the parents, as well. 

As a “lifestyle” portrait photographer, I place my subjects in natural situations. I do this for headshots as well as family portraits. You choose the settings or pick one from my many location recommendations around the Bay Area.

Let the kids run wild. It’s all good. I will document the essence of you or your family interacting with one another. 



My upcoming Portrait Photography Events in the San Jose, Saratoga, Morgan Hill, and Bay Area. Sign up for my newsletter to be informed about them ahead.

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While good as a backup archive, digital files are not tangible; printed images are. I use the BEST photography lab in the United States for printing. As a full-service professional photographer, I am proud to provide a choice of collections that include custom, museum-quality wall art displays, and custom designed photo albums for your family portraits.


Thank you so much for your interest in my work. If you got to this page, that means a lot to me.
Now let’s talk about your needs and expectations. Don’t be shy. Ask me anything you want to know. Even better, let’s meet for a coffee.
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